6 Things You Must Realize Immediately, Before Your Jealousy Makes Your Boy Hot
22 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 219
Jealousy is indeed a sign of love, but still draining emotions. Jealousy is like spice in every relationship. Jealousy is fine while knowing the limits and not disturbing each other's comfort. Excessive jealousy can be toxic in your own relationship.

For the sake of creating a healthy relationship, you should both have an agreement on the boundaries that you should not violate. For example, your agreement not to go alone with an ex-boyfriend. In order to be jealous it doesn't blind you too much, realize these 5 things before your guy gets hot and chooses to leave!

1. You will not be able to limit your male friendship, because he also has a social life besides you

Let him enjoy the gathering times with his colleagues, even though there may be some female friends there. Just trust your heart for him, there is nothing to worry about while they do not give a negative impact on your girlfriend. After all, you don't want to be labeled as not cool by her female friends just because you forbid your boyfriend to gather with them?

2. Stop jealous because your guy likes his girl friend's posts, because it's not a big problem that should be addressed wisely

Maybe it feels like there is a slight feeling of annoyance that spreads when you know your girlfriend likes the girl friend's post. Never mind, no need to be bothered. That may be a form of appreciation for the post. After all, you can also freely like anyone. This is no big deal as long as your girlfriend only likes and is unsustainable until greeting her social media direct messages.

3. Just imagine, you might not be comfortable if your boyfriend treats you like you treat him

Do you feel uncomfortable when you have to report with your boyfriend first? Or your boyfriend also forbids when you want to gather with your friends, even though it's really just friends. Before you ban a lot and too much on your guy, it's a good idea to position yourself like them. So you know what it's like to be restrained. Why should we give each other a limit, if we can still trust each other without restraint and restraint?

4. If the contents are the same as cellphones or social media, it only adds to the hurt, what is it done for?

This is a mistake often made by women. Once the contents of the boyfriend or social media cellphone are the same and they find something unpleasant, your trust starts to fade. Then loot the contents of his cellphone into opium.

As if addicted to privacy. If it really hurts you, you don't need to know anymore. Isn't that your own sign that hurts your heart? After all, while he remains loyal to you and without you knowing the contents of his cellphone, your relationship will also be fine.

5. Excessive jealousy is a form of a deep fear of losing, that means you start to depend on

Jealousy is indeed a signal, if you need to maintain your relationship. Maintaining and maintaining different things by restraining. When you get jealous, you will form a possessive person. Dependence on your guy can't be denied anymore, this is a sign that you are in trouble and you start losing yourself. Jealousy signifies how valuable he is to you. But if indeed she is dear, she will also appreciate your jealousy by not confusing the situation.

6. After all, if he is truly loyal, without you being restrained he will not go anywhere or in any way

Before being overly jealous, this statement is what you have to plant in yourself. Without you bridle, if he is truly loyal he will not go anywhere. But on the contrary, no matter how protective you are, if he really wants to cheat, he will always have a way to cheat. Not jealous does not mean not love, but you should give enough levels to jealousy that you feel.

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