6 Things You Must Prepare Before Welcoming a New Love
08 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 210
6 Things You Must Prepare Before Welcoming a New Love Every person has had their own past, not a few who are still trapped with the past and finally move on not yet accomplished. Those who have not been able to move on are still enjoying the remnants of existing wounds while crawling to fix themselves, should welcome new love it is necessary to be intentional so as not to drown for a long time in silence.

The good thing starts from a good self, for that you have to start from yourself to get good love. Want to get a diligent and smart boyfriend, but you are lazy and the lecture is reluctant, I want to see the elephant's Eid too, I won't find it! For that you need to prepare yourself to welcome new love with these 6 things

1. Make peace with the past and forget bad stories, be your new self.

No matter how bad your past, the past remains a past that cannot be fixed. You also can't play the time to go back there right? You are not to live there, your life in the future and fix what you think is out of the way.

Don't wait for the time to recover your wound, you must move before the time you have is wasted just to mourn the wound. Leave the last one, be new to your new love.

2. Deserve yourself for good love, because the love that comes is a reflection of you

Repairing yourself is a must that you have to do after you realize that all this time you have not become the best for anyone. If you want good love, you also have to be good. Love that comes can be a reflection of yourself. So, if you want a partner who is right for you, you must stabilize yourself for him.

Exploring your passion and persevering is a form of self-improvement, because you will be happy to live it and become a positive person. A new love will not address you wrongly.

3. Complete your business and accept yourself before pursuing love.

If you are not finished with a problem that is still stuck, how can you live your life calmly and how can you seek new love if there is still a block in your heart? The things that become your obstacle will be a barrier to step.

You must finish with that before you decide to start a new love, reconcile with the situation. Free yourself from guilt or revenge that still haunts your mind in order to become a better person, accept yourself at the moment.

4. Control your emotions and your ego well, to be ready to face the maturation process in a new relationship

Controlling emotions doesn't mean that you need to be a calm, expressive person, of course it's okay. The point is to control emotions here is you have to know how to put your emotions, when you have to be calm and when you can be angry. The ability to control emotions does need patience, at least someone's maturity can be seen from how he controls his emotions.

Besides controlling your ego you also need to master it so that you can wisely deal with hostility, especially when new love is present and you become part of its life too, where later there will definitely be debates due to your differences.

5. You need to be open to every way of view, precisely that difference complements

Because not everyone has the same perspective as what you think, you also have to accept someone's way of thinking in looking at things openly and not being able to arbitrarily judge that their point of view is wrong. Even if possible, in dealing with a problem you also need to look at it from various perspectives so that you understand how they are positioned.

It's from a different perspective you can complete your own perspective. It can also minimize disputes, when you understand other people's perspectives.

6. Committed learning can be started from being responsible for a choice

To welcome new love, you need to be committed so that you can take care of each other's feelings. Love without commitment can not be united, you need to learn how to appreciate the commitment to good love. It starts from small things, like being responsible for your choice.

For example, you choose to run for the BEM chairman after you are elected. You must be able to take responsibility, even if it's not easy but you have to complete your task well. Commitments such as reminders and motivation when you start to be careless and off track, with commitment you can still fight for your choice.

You also need to prepare yourself to welcome new love, so that it will no longer fail and make you disappointed as you have been. Sometimes good things really have to start with ourselves. Next page

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