6 Things You Must Look For When You Are Climbing the First Mountain. Let s Prepare Well
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6 Things You Must Look For When You Are Climbing the First Mountain. Let s Prepare Well

Recent mountain climbing activities are no longer something strange among the community, especially among young people. The effects of the rapid development of social media and the number of films that tell about mountain climbing activities increase people's interest in climbing.

On the one hand, increasing interest in climbing the mountain shows human awareness of their needs for nature. People make mountain climbing with various reasons behind it. Some are really nature lovers, some just want to find peace, some are just following the trend.

Even though the mountains have recently been crowded by the climbers, still mountain climbing is something that is classified as 'extreme' and must be prepared carefully. If you are a beginner climber, or you have the desire to climb the mountain for the first time. Make sure you pay attention to the following 7 things.

1. Climbing and weather time

Notice when you will climb. It is not recommended to climb in the rainy season. During the rainy season, usually the climbing track will be very slippery, not to mention mountain storms that can approach you at any time. So, pay close attention to when the climb is right.

It is recommended to climb when the weather is sunny to minimize obstacles during the trip.

2. Climbing friends

Before climbing, make sure you plan to climb with whom. If you are a beginner climber or have never done a climb before, choose a climbing friend who is experienced and has understood and has memorized the mountain climbing path that you will climb. If there is a storm or something that is not desirable while traveling while climbing, you will feel a little safe if you go with friends who already have experience.

Climbing with experienced people will certainly make it easy and comfortable.

3. Pay attention to equipment features

Mountain climbing is one of the extreme activities that require careful preparation and complete climbing equipment. Make sure none of your climbing equipment is left behind. Personal equipment such as mountain shoes, Sleeping beds, mountain jackets, raincoats, gloves, skullcaps and other compulsory equipment. And another thing that should not be forgotten is tents with a capacity that suits many of your climbing members.

Never forget the climbing equipment for safety during climbing

4. Prepare enough logistics.

Abdominal affairs should be prioritized, because when you climb your energy will be very drained and certainly requires a supply of calories from food. Make sure you bring enough food and logistics. Try to bring ready-to-eat food or easily served because in the mountains we will usually not have much time to cook. In addition to being a fairly short time, the weather on the mountain is also sometimes erratic, rain can occur at any time and will prevent you from cooking when it rains. My advice is, try to eat delicious foods, because the mountains are already tired of running, do you eat normal food? Give a little gift for your body that has struggled to conquer heavy climbing paths.

Food is needed to replace the drained energy when climbing.

5. Observe climbing rules and natural rules

Walking on a mountain climbing path, we become strangers as well as guests there. So, we should obey the rules on the mountain that we will climb. Usually before the climbing activity starts, the climbers will be given some sort of briefing in advance by BKSDA officers and National Park officials who are responsible for the mount. At the time of the briefing, usually the officer will ask for the attachment of climbing equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mountain jackets, tracking shoes and other necessary items when climbing.

Very important for obey the rules given so that we survive to the top.

6. Bring your garbage back down the mountain

Later the number of climbers has increased. Public interest in terms of mountain climbing is increasing. The mountains are crowded with climbers. The negative effects are the amount of garbage that accumulates in the mountains due to the actions of some climbers who do not obey the rules. The mountain which was supposed to be a clean and sacred place was even polluted by mountainous rubbish. That is why climbers are required to carry a trashbag to collect waste produced during climbing and must be brought back down. Hopefully the mountains in Indonesia and everywhere remain clean, my friends. Greetings!

As a climber who loves nature, bringing garbage down the mountain is one of the obligations.

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