6 Things You Must Know When Fear of Losing a Partner Starts Mastering
14 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 111
6 Things You Must Know When Fear of Losing a Partner Starts Mastering Love can indeed suddenly come and then change your life in an unpredictable time. Since you know love, your life is more colorful and dynamic. There are always new stories and experiences from the presence of love itself. The matter of romance is sometimes unpredictable, there are some that run smoothly until the annual run but can run aground or even those that have been old friends, eh can fall in love with each other too.

If you discuss love, all possibilities can always happen. When you have found the right person, it's natural that you put the deepest feelings on him. Even not reluctant to say he is your source of happiness and enthusiasm. There is nothing wrong if indeed love has a positive impact on you. As long as you still have to have a position, don't let the love you feel gradually make you lose yourself because of the fear of losing that starts haunting you and making yourself a person who is far different from your real self. When the fear of losing starts to control you, you must realize these 6 things.

1. That is why there is an assumption that just love enough, because just enough is soothing.

Everything that is excessive is not good, as is the case with love. Loving too much is also not good, because it can make you easily hurt and fragile. People who are in love can suddenly become melonkolis, no wonder if it becomes easy to be confused and sensitive, the cause is because love itself produces fear of losing.

You really can't plan to fall in love with anyone, because that feeling comes often without permission. But loving with enough portions, you will be more calm in controlling the fear of losing so as not to harm any party.

2. There must be boredom. But if it is love, it should not lose out with boredom.

Everyone must have their respective saturation points. Whether with a job or with a relationship that is being lived. Saturated is human, but saturation is not a reason to separate. Look at your parents who have been together for years? They can still be intact and undefeated by boredom. Likewise your lover.

If he has love that is good for you, surely he won't easily leave just because he is bored. It is precisely love that is getting longer, even more strengthens. If indeed he is bored, maybe only with the routine of your relationship not with his person.

3. It does not rule out the possibility, if the fear of losing you feel is the basis of the attitude that underestimates you

Afraid of losing naturally, it can also be your motivation to maintain relationships. But you should not do that with excessive portions. Doing everything for your lover just because you are afraid of losing him, even you happily change what is in you in order to become what he wants.

The fear of losing seems to be transformed into your weakness is not impossible that your partner will act arbitrarily because he knows that you have a fear of excessive loss. Be aware that you are not that easy, because what you really love won't be excessive, making you feel afraid of losing. He carefully guarded your heart.

4. You remind me that the match isn't where. While you have tried your best, just stay pasrakan

You need to remember an old admonition that says that mate is not where. Do you want to be as successful as you are, want to be as scared as you feel, lose whatever you want. If indeed your destiny is not shared together, what do you want? If you lose your love you have to accept, the sign is that he was not created for you.

All you need to do is love as well as possible, because it can also have a good impact on you later. Love the best is different from loving excessively but loving in a good way that always makes your partner happy. Let if indeed he often makes your heart break, after all you also love him well. Just wait, good karma comes to you.

5. Enjoy your relationship with him now, the more afraid of losing, the more you lose yourself.

The deeper the love, the greater the fear that is. Don't make your partner the axis of your happiness, before being with him you are already happy. The sun is still rising and this world has not ended just because he left you.

Excessive love and excessive fear certainly makes you possessive, it is precisely what makes your partner tired of acting on your attitude, meaning loving but instead losing yourself. Love should mature, not to make you afraid of losing excessive love.

6. Loving without fear of excessive loss is calm, because you can't force someone to love you

Too afraid of losing means you don't believe in your partner's loyalty. When you dare to put trust in your lover, that's where calm begins. There is no more bad suggestion that makes thinking that is not. You don't need to be possessive because your love is sufficient but the way to love you as well as possible. You don't need to be afraid of losing, because you believe that he really does for you he won't go.

Do not feel afraid of losing not because you do not love or do not love, maybe the fear of losing does exist but you should feel that it remains at a level that is not excessive. Wouldn't you love more calmly when you trust each other?

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