6 Things You Cannot Do If You Don t Want Your Friends One One Disappears
11 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 141
6 Things You Cannot Do If You Don t Want Your Friends One One Disappears After family, it is your best friend who becomes solace and fatigued when you are abused by days. Even though one of you already has a partner, but the presence of a friend does have a separate role for your life. To the extent that your friend has become part of your family too, because parents are also close to each other.

The beginning of a friendly relationship can be established, it starts from ordinary friendship, but gradually due to the compatibility that you have that makes your closeness transform into a friendly relationship. Even love can come from friendship. Therefore, start maintaining friendships that you have today. Do not let one by one friend who feels suitable for you disappear only because of your unpleasant qualities, so that it doesn't happen you should avoid these 6 things.

1. Forgot to establish communication with your friends regularly. Even though communication is key, even though your chat is often not important or unclear

"Eh, do you know what's wrong?"

"Why tuuw?"

"Sugus, if it's turned over, still sugus"

"Yehh, the boy likes it, it's unclear, this kid is rich,"

"Yes miss: ("

When you have to carry out obligations in other cities or countries that make you separated, you can no longer often meet face to face, or confide in your room. Don't make it the cause of the closeness of your relationship, that's why the importance of communication between you two. Even though the names of close friends often rarely communicate via chat, but stay familiar when meeting.

But you also don't hesitate to bother with short messages, because that is what builds communication between you. Even though only chat is not important or just a little greeting it doesn't hurt. Because it can be, forgotten communication makes you lose them slowly.

2. You can't be too closed-minded, considering everyone must have a different way of thinking

Everyone has their own way of thinking. Likewise with you and your friends. Bringing together a lot of heads together is not easy, that's why you need to be tolerant and appreciate how they perceive things. Want to have a friendly relationship but you can't accept differences, how can you? Don't be too closed-minded, you must have an open mind. That way, they are also comfortable near you because you will not blaspheme anything that you think is not in tune with you.

3. When your friends often confide in you, you do not take wisdom from all the stories, but instead make it a matter of sheepfighting

Want to have lots of friends must use a sincere method, sincerity is like a magnet that attracts them to approach you. A big mistake when you divulge what should not be said to your best friend about other friends, if it can spark a dispute between them. If you gather again, it feels like it's already complacent with gossiping currents, but you still have to know the limits and can keep your secret.

If indeed it's not your realm to interfere, it's better to just know it. Try to imagine when you leaked your friend's friend to another friend, it was not impossible that they would not believe you to be a place to confide in.

4. When you have achieved the success that has been dreamed of, you are too arrogant and can't compose yourself with your friends

Don't be afraid you are cool, then you become self-forgetful and big-headed. You can no longer be invited to a hangout place, because of the success you have you forget to stay down to earth. The ability to adjust when you have one level above them, obviously will not make friends leave you, because they will still feel that you are still fun and simple.

5. It's hard to apologize and always look for excuses, so you aren't blamed

The wise think that apologizing is not difficult, but the hard thing is to admit mistakes.

Courageous are those who are able to admit their mistakes. Do not because he is your friend who knows your good and bad, then you use the "sorry" business when you are wrong. Instead of apologizing, you are actually preparing a lot of justification to defend yourself, so that as if in the eyes of your other friends you are a victim and he is the perpetrator of the crime. Do not be afraid to apologize and admit mistakes, because it is a form of responsibility for the mistakes that you have made to him, yet there is no term apologizing just to make things worse.

6. Selfish at the time of joking. You are joking too badly, but if you are countered back often angry

This is what often becomes an obstacle in friendship, because we save our own irritation towards selfish colleagues when throwing jokes. It is as if only you are allowed to tease while other friends cannot do that to you. Often joking out of bounds, but you consider it normal, but when other friends do that to you, then you are angry. Well, it's no wonder if your friend becomes lazy too close to you.

Finding one friend is more difficult than finding a thousand enemies. Especially if you have a friend who is already in the same level as you, it is fitting that you maintain that relationship well. Don't believe in the notion that "there are still many other friends", there are still many, but if you often do the things above, do your many friends still want to be friends with you?

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