6 Things That Make Your Spirit Always On, Even though You Work Does Not Match Passion
03 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 144
6 Things That Make Your Spirit Always On, Even though You Work Does Not Match Passion The word people work according to passion is cool. When you work you will get more enthusiasm for doing something you like. Yep, maybe it really is. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to work according to their passion. Some people experience things that are less fortunate, can't work according to their preferences.

Life indeed often goes not as you wish. You are forced to choose to work not according to your passion. Now for those of you who are feeling anxious about wanting to leave but can't, this time Hipwee Motivation will explain some things that make your spirit always on even though your job doesn't match passion.

1 Even though it doesn't fit your passion, at least you are luckier than those who are hard-pressed to work. Thank you and stay right there

You may often find it difficult with your current job because it doesn't suit your field or your favorite. Got in your mind to resign looking for a new job, but before that happens it is better if you remember that so many people want to be in your current position. They want to be like you, have a job whose salary is clear, a cool work climate, a profession to be proud of, and so on. You are actually luckier than them.

2. When you feel like going away, think again. Remember parents at home, yes, you want to trouble them again

Working not according to passion sometimes makes you upset in the middle of the road. But before you think about resigning, think first about your future. Where is your income after resigning? Is the replacement work according to your passion? If all that has not been fulfilled, it is better to focus on the current job. Instead of just bothering your parents at home to become unemployed? It's better to continue your work.

3. Remember you are saving to pay off promises justifying relationships. Do not delay too long.

The reason most people choose to work out of passion is a bigger salary. Really or not? Now to increase work motivation, you can use your promise to marry your lover to be an encouragement for you to work hard. At least you should continue to work and get a clear income until your savings are enough to bring him to sit in the aisle with you.

4. Try changing your point of view, precisely by doing something new your knowledge and experience increases

Let me get excited again, try to change your perspective. Don't look at your work from an unpleasant side, just look at the delicious side. For example, do not remember the difficulties that you experience, remember the pleasant things from work. Besides that, you can make your work a place for learning for you. Isn't something new can increase your knowledge and life experience? Just enjoy it for as long as your work can still be done.

5. You are still young, work according to your passion can still be lived in two or three years. Now, your work experience is more important for your future career

Even though it doesn't fit your passion, remember that your current job is prestigious and a source of experience for your portfolio going forward. It's just a matter of company, at least a year to two years until you have a 'name' then you can follow your heart to work according to your passion. Besides your age is still relatively young, take advantage of your every opportunity to learn and find a lot of experience.

6. You can actually outsmart the boredom of working with frequent hobbies. You just have to be clever to set the time

Usually the work that matches the passion regarding hobbies. For example, you wanted to become a great writer, but now you're stuck working in an office. You don't need to be confused, actually you can still realize your dream by writing when you are free. Slowly installments write stories, later they will also become books - short stories or novels. Just fad to send to the publisher, just received.

Working not according to passion is hard to live by. But if that situation indeed forces you to live it, just live with sincerity and sincerity. In life, sometimes we need to hold back for something we don't like. Believe me, nothing is in vain in this life. Keep the spirit! All will be beautiful in time.

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