6 Things That Make You Return to Believe in Love. Although Never Feeling Extraordinary Heart Pain
27 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 586
6 Things That Make You Return to Believe in Love. Although Never Feeling Extraordinary Heart Pain Love is not always beautiful. There are moments where you feel pain from love. Like when you were betrayed by his beloved, left behind just right dear - unfortunately. Disappointment due to being abandoned by this love makes you lose faith in love. When your friends are busy looking for someone who is suitable to be a life partner, you just keep quiet, live in solitude.

He who left without saying good-bye left poignant in his soul. Since then you have begun to stop to believe in love, stop following the desires of the heart, and turn off the sensitivity of your heart. But fortunately everything has passed. There are things that make everything recover as usual. It is he who comes and changes everything.

1. Previously your life was dark and messy, but everything changed from the moment he arrived. As if he has led you a bright path

"He is my savior in terms of love"

The pain of being betrayed once made you live with hatred of the heart. You no longer believe in the turmoil in the chest. You have a relationship again and again, but your heart doesn't include you. At first you feel everything is right until finally you realize that something is empty of your life. Until finally he arrived. Turn everything dark into light. Open deadlock, return your love path to the right path

2. In the past, when people talked about love, you were always cynical and considered everything to be transitory. Now, with him everything feels possible

After that. There is a sense of change. Trauma is hurt, making you always cynical about anything that smells of love and relationships. You are always uncomfortable and distant when you hear your friends chat about girlfriends. You are happy because love is mortal. But now everything changes 180 degrees. Everything feels easy after you decide to start connecting again. With him, life feels easy to live with.

3. He is indeed nothing special, but his love is extraordinary that allows you to forgive that dark past

He may not be as romantic or as charming as your ex, but he knows how to treat as a partner. For you that is enough. Her love is extraordinary, which is more than enough to make you happy. He is the one who made you forgive the past.

4. Previously there was a gaping hole, there was a deep pain in the chest. But now it's gone, the wound has dried, the pain in the chest changes feeling happy

"Finding a new figure is the most effective medicine to cure heartbreak"

Disappointment due to betrayal in the past has made a tremendous pit in your heart. Nganga wounds are often felt when turmoil arrives. But everything suddenly healed when he arrived. Her love is so warm that your wound slowly dries. The pain slowly changes happily.

5. When with him there is all anxiety and your fear is gone. He made you believe that God's most beautiful gift for humanity is love.

There used to be a thousand reasons for you not to date again. All boils down to your fear of feeling sick from love. But after he came everything was completely the opposite. You have a million reasons to believe in the power of love. The sweet treats and happy moments given make you believe that love is God's most beautiful gift to mankind.

6. All thanks should be said to him who fought for you. Because it was he who broke the password on the door of your heart that was tightly closed

It is hard for you to forget the evil treatment of the former. He has made you suffer for years. Repeatedly your friends change boyfriends, while you are still alone. Not that you are no longer interested in the opposite s*x, but all those feelings you hold. Your heart has been locked tight for anyone who wants to enter. You are reluctant to be hurt again by the relationship.

But he came in an unusual way. You have insisted on rejecting it but he still fights for his love. Until finally your ego is gone too. He managed to break the password on the door of the heart and give you happiness now. Really you must thank him. He has saved your life from darkness and distrust of love.

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