6 Things That Make Parents Believe Again, When You Have Disappointed Them
07 Oktober 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 234
6 Things That Make Parents Believe Again, When You Have Disappointed Them His name is a relationship there must be ups and downs, not least the relationship between parents and children. It cannot be denied that sometimes our relationship with parents is stretched. The causes are various but usually begin with our actions that disappoint them.

Realizing that it is not so often that we disappoint parents, they are increasingly losing faith in us. The attitude they do to us with our brothers is a little different. Of course it makes you uncomfortable. But don't worry, you can restore the situation as usual. Here are some things you can do to restore your parents' trust in you.

1. Show them that you are slowly trying not to repeat the error, and give proof not just a promise

Not only you, everyone has made a mistake in his past. So you don't need to be overly discouraged. Relax, you can fix everything. You can restore the confidence of your mothers by showing an effort to change. Because promising is not enough to make them believe.

For example, you have made your parents disappointed because you hang out in a bad environment. Now by moving away from your old environment you have actually shown your efforts to them. Now it's just a change in your attitude that you should pay attention to again.

2. You should be obedient to every word or advice that parents give. After all, everything that is said is based on mere goodness

You might have committed a big sin that made your moms very disappointed with you, but not a parent if you can't forgive your child. Yep! every parent must still love his child despite being disappointed. Now one way to restore their trust is to begin to obey the advice they say to you.

Do not make your young soul and your freedom a reason for you to act as you wish. Come back like before, obey what they say. Be assured that everything is for your good, now or in the future.

3. Increase concern for them more than before. Spend time to thank you for the love that has never broken up given to you

The proof that your parents love you wholeheartedly is that he still wants to accept you even though you have disappointed them in the past. Therefore, it is fitting for you to raise awareness for them more than before. One way can be done by doing simple things such as helping mom in the kitchen, massaging your father after work, or giving flowers as a thank you for their love for this.

4. Make achievements that make parents happy. So that they return to believe that you are achieving and can be proud of

One powerful thing that can restore your parents' trust is to make achievements. Make moms proud of the achievements you have achieved. This achievement as well as tangible evidence that you have changed and can be a pride of parents. After that, surely they will return respect to you.

5. Begin to stop relying on shipments from them. Prove that you are mature and independent, can be responsible for yourself

Another effort you can do to restore your trust is to stop relying on them for life. Start independent study, prove that you are trying to stop troubling them financially. If you are financially independent, surely your parents will trust you because you have been responsible for your own life.

6. If you are well established, do not forget to help them in fulfilling family life

After all your life needs are fulfilled, don't forget your responsibilities to the family. Make your moms proud of your noble intentions to help finance the family's living needs. If you are reluctant to send money to them for fear of being offended, then you can work around this by helping your sister's college. Even though it is only just paying homestay rent or pocket money, in fact it is more than enough.

Anyone who has made a mistake and as well as possible is a person who dares to apologize and make changes. No matter how much your parents promise they won't pay attention to you if you still do old habits. They need real change from you. So prove that you are serious about apologizing and really want to change. Make them proud, raise their trust.

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