6 Things That Help Reduce Your Anger, Not to Cause New Problems
29 September 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 179
6 Things That Help Reduce Your Anger, Not to Cause New Problems In life, there are certain things that can make you angry - starting from touching people on the street, seeing people grabbing the queue, to being lied to by boyfriends. This feeling of displeasure can appear anytime and anywhere. Patiently, people can still be angry because it has become one of the outward human attitudes.

Angry is a common thing for humans, but anger must be controlled because it can cause problems for your life. Try now to calculate how many problems you have solved in your life that originally originated from your inability to withstand emotions ... there must be lots, right? Well then to help you so that your anger doesn't bring new problems to your life, Hipwee will give you 6 things that can help you.

1. Calm yourself by breathing. Take a deep breath and then throw slowly so that your anger slowly disappears.

When emotions your heart beat will beat irregularly and usually you can't think clearly when you experience it. So do not be surprised if the things you do when angry are usually the ones that hurt you because your mind has been overwhelmed by anger. Before the things you don't want happen, then you have to plant yourself by regulating your breath. take a deep breath, then take it out slowly. Repeat until your heartbeat slows down as normal.

2. Get away from the scene or the person who made you angry. It's better to relent than something that isn't desirable

If you still love yourself and don't want to add new problems in life, try to control yourself when emotions have peaked. Do this by moving away from the person who makes you upset or the location where you are angry. Moving away from your focus can be a little distracted. This avoids harmful actions. It's better to relent than you to regret the wrong thing because you can't resist anger.

3. Washing your face with fresh water can also help cool the head. So that you can respond to everything clearly as well

Although it seems trivial, but washing your face when you're upset can help you relieve anger. Chill your red face and complicated thoughts with water. Even though it doesn't directly relieve anger, at least some water can make your face fresh again. This freshness can slowly dampen your emotional turmoil in the head.

4. Don't leave yourself when you're angry. Look for someone who might be able to mediate your burning emotions

People who are emotional can usually do anything, even crazy things that have never been done before. So do not let yourself be alone when angry. Do not be away from the crowd, just in case you lose control again so that someone is in your midst. If there is a friend or maybe a boyfriend maybe it will get better. They can be your explosive emotional controller. If it's not there, then don't leave yourself alone.

5. After being calm, make yourself happy again by eating your favorite food or drink. A toblerone chocolate bar seems fun

After your emotions subside a little, you can restore your mood by eating your favorite food or drink, such as chocolate or ice cream. Eating a little favorite food or drink can make you calm again and your mood slowly improves.

6. You who are irritable may have a lot of thoughts. Break for a moment from your routine, let go of tired by visiting places that make you calm

Maybe your anger is now the fruit of many things you think. So it doesn't hurt to break for a moment, do refreshing on your complicated thoughts. Visiting a place of worship may be the answer to your problem. Relieve your fatigue by listening to the sounds of nature; birds chirping, waves, and winds. Let go of everything that gets stuck in the chest by looking at the vast ocean, shady trees, and the sky that stretches. Then return to activity as usual.

Those are some things you might be able to do when angry. Do self-control so that emotions don't bring new problems in your life.

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