6 Things That Girls Often Do This Accidentally, Make Their Boy Fight Against Jealousy
17 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 317
6 Things That Girls Often Do This Accidentally, Make Their Boy Fight Against Jealousy Guys seem to be not as expressive as girls when they are jealous, they are better able to control jealousy because they are more proud to express jealousy. Instead of expressing, men are more often silent or become angry not clear when jealousy is lodged in his chest. Especially if a guy is too bad, he wants to be more protective.

The cause of male jealousy is different, not just the feelings used but also the logic. While often the girl actually considers it normal because men can still remain indifferent and maintain prestige when they are jealous. Then, what kind of things do girls often accidentally do, but it turns out that it often makes guys fight with jealousy ?! Take a good look at the Hipwee Relationship description this time.

1. Even though it's only limited to friends, but the intensity of your togetherness with your male friends can also make him jealous.

Often you meet your guy friend again, even though every time you meet him you always tell your girlfriend. But still it can't make him avoid jealousy. Moreover, you meet your friend more often than your guy. If it happens to you, surely you easily crank out blatantly but that won't be easy for your guy.

He must still consider many things and use his logical mind before he shows that jealousy. Especially when your boyfriend's friend knows you more than your girlfriend, he will think twice when he wants to cast the word 'jealousy' but on the other hand he also has concerns about a special feeling that can be present if you are often together.

2. Admire other guys is excessive, whether from his physical or his work

When you see a handsome guy on the road and just say "I'm handsome" maybe he won't be jealous, because he too must have done the same thing even though he was countered with your sullen face. But it feels different when you are admiring your male friends or new male acquaintances by often stalking their social media. When you save your admiration itself it might not matter for him, but if you openly praise his good looks or the beauty of his work, it's no wonder if your guy can suddenly become quiet.

"Eh, you see, he's really handsome and the photos are cool all the time. Yesss I was backtracked again! Yeah, how come it's really cool, people ... "

"He'em cool" * in the heart *

3. Unintentionally a story about the former can also make his chest instantly heat up,

"Ohiyaaa, I also passed here with Kevin"

"Your ex Kevin?"

"Yes ... he.he"

"Ooh .."

Even though your ex was clearly past a long time ago and you accidentally made you tell a story when there were things related to your ex. Even though the feelings of ex-girlfriends are completely gone and actually makes you able to casually bring up the former, who would have thought that it could secretly make your boy's chest heat up instantly when you accidentally let slip the former. Although the expression is normal but there must be a little ripple in his heart.

4. I don't have a lot of time for him, while there are always other friends who are working for you

You and your guy also have their own activities. In the midst of the density of time you have, you and your guy have a special schedule for quality time even if only once a week or two. But when your girlfriend knows, you often have time to go with your friends while the time for her isn't as much as the time you have for your friends.

Jealousy may make his heart flare up, but again he will think logically if your time is not always for him either. Even though in the end if your guy really feels disturbed by that, he will definitely tell you.

5. If you have started to like him with your friends, not only are you jealous but there is a passionate irritation

"Bagas is so sweet about his girlfriend, he wants to take his girlfriend everywhere. Try you rich in Bagas "

"It's a different guy who is"

In the context of joking or serious, intentional or unintentional. Comparing your guy to someone else is the most important thing that causes your guy to be jealous. No one wants to be compared, because the way to love everyone is different.

Maybe your intention is to compare so that your guy gets better, but not by comparing it. It is precisely this as if you think your guy is weak and not better. Before you compare, you must realize that there must be some things that make it not do something similar to what others do.

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