6 Things Men Must Be Feeling and Doing When Their Girls Keep Requesting to Be Immediately Validated
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6 Things Men Must Be Feeling and Doing When Their Girls Keep Requesting to Be Immediately Validated Falling in love with someone, you definitely have things you don't like from your girl. For example, he is bored, easy to sulk, crazy shopping, overdue grooming - which one of them often makes you upset. Even so it does not mean this reduces your love for him because love is also about accepting the lack of a partner.

It doesn't arrive there, as time goes by new things appear that will make you frown that is a request for immediate application. Maybe it's natural for a girl to ask for a proposal, but the time is not right; you are not ready mentally and financially - don't you? What makes headache even more important is that the question is asked repeatedly.

1. Surprisingly clear, especially when you feel that your age is still too early to think about marriage. Because you still want to feel freedom

It is undeniable that the standard age is ready to marry a girl with a different guy. Girls usually talk about it in the final semester of college, while boys generally are at the age of 25. This is the reason why you were shocked the first time your boyfriend asked that question.

When you're fun enjoying life, having lots of friends, thirsting for knowledge and just having your own income ... uh suddenly your girl asks "Mas, when am I proposed?". Like you can't believe it, if you are not young anymore?

2. When it continues to be hunted the question "when to the aisle?" You prepared some cool answers in order to neutralize the feeling of anxiety created

Niki: Which, when do you want to propose to me?

Apoy: Hmm ... Later tonight if it's not raining Hehe

Whoever is a guy must be uncomfortable if asked questions about applications continuously, mainly because of unpreparedness. As a result you think about the right way to answer it. All the ways you think, from answering while joking like "Later tonight if it's not raining?" To giving a wise reply "Be patient, I'll collect capital first".

3. When you finally try to understand your lover's wishes, you also give an estimate of when you are able to apply for it.

Receiving the question over and over, finally you understand that indeed your heart lover can't hold it anymore, you want to be edited by you. Finally you begin to give answers - even though it is clear - clear the situation. You ask for time for your lover to wait. Many things must be prepared, not only financial matters, the most important is mental readiness.

4. Sometimes the question becomes an additional spirit to work harder, to raise capital and try to stabilize before going to the wedding.

The promise that you give makes you work harder and diligently to save to meet the target of marriage. Besides that you also slowly evaluate yourself, improve as you strive to become a good priest candidate. You start to reduce hanging out, it's unclear and start to discipline all the time for your lover's heart

5. You also don't stop explaining to the couple that marriage must be prepared properly. Can't be impromptu like knowing round

While preparing everything, you also don't stop giving your lover an understanding that marriage must be planned carefully. Because even though savings have met, sometimes there are obstacles. Therefore it requires understanding from each other so that everything is not carried out. After all, why is it quick to get married if in fact it's not ready. Danger isn't it like that?

6. Secretly there is a prayer that is offered, asking for the ease of the One Who Gives the way to the path to the aisle is launched

And what cannot be forgotten is praying for God to make things easier. You can work hard, save money, improve yourself to become a better person, but if God wants otherwise you can. Therefore your steps are right to compensate for the effort with prayer so that your planning to do it is done according to plan.

Asking a girlfriend "when to apply?" Is surprising, but what you need to realize at your age is now natural if the question arises. You must realize that your age is no longer young. You should be thankful for being reminded by your boyfriend through that question. Now, from now on, reduce the number of things that don't work, remember that your boyfriend is embarrassed to accept the question "when is marriage?".

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