6 Things Behind the Boy That Looks Bad When Approaching, but So Fun After Event
10 Oktober 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 359
6 Things Behind the Boy That Looks Bad When Approaching, but So Fun After Event Alluring someone's heart is art. Every person has their own way to make his love hook. Guys usually use a bouquet of flowers or a piece of poetry to make their idol fall in love. It's different with girls who usually play their attitude like playing kites, pulling back.

Especially girls who tend to be passive during PDKT, there are moments where your overbearing attitude makes you confused about his feelings; Like it or not? But you don't need to worry and doubt with your ignorant attitude. Pepet keeps on getting him, because even though he is indifferent as long as the approach is usually guy can change instantly to be fun after you are both invented.

1. Acting indifferent to the original strategy to make you more curious, and its purpose so that you are captivated by it

If at this time your crush ignores you, don't worry. Maybe it's just one way to captivate your heart. With his ignorance he plans to make you curious because girls in general will be curious about this kind of attitude. Do you also often do this when approaching guys? You, as a girl, must have done this, right? To be chased?

2. Conversely, there are also types of guys who are proud when they like someone, before knowing that you are interested in him

There is also the ignorance of a man due to pride. It could be that the ignorant beat actually attracted you, but he was proud to show his interest first. Guys sometimes have such high prestige, just understand it. So from that you really can't leave the PDKT process just because he is ignorant.

Initiate to lure him to care, don't be shy to start chatting or take a walk first. If he is really interested in you he will definitely reply to your chat agile and accept your invitation without wording.

3. He wants to make sure he feels first for you so that when his love is intact and not halfway

Behind his ignorant attitude, he was actually ensuring his own feelings. Are you the figure he has been searching for, whether your absence will make him miss you, or even the opposite. He just doesn't want to hurt you by giving a sweet attitude at the beginning but bitter at the end.

At times like this you should take part. Show your best attitude, he believes that you are the best for him. Make him believe that you are the person he needs.

4. He wants to test how you behave in dealing with anxiety, to know how patient and love you are

Or your ignorant attitude may be the kind of test he is giving you. He is testing how patient you are to address him who is too ignorant. This is the test of love, how strong you hold yourself to serve the test of your prospective lover. The key is to be patient and always think positive. Keep giving attention, love and love for him until he binds you to the phrase "I love you".

5. Even though it looks indifferent, actually guys pay attention to the little things about you, and will secretly remember important moments when approaching

After inventing, you don't need to worry about the attitude of a girl who had a chance to show you during PDKT. Because cool guys are usually good observers and reminders. He knows when it's time to be romantic, he memorizes the moments or things that need to be remembered in a relationship, such as the moment of the first time, the date of invocation, your date of birth and so on. Believe him he will be happy later in time.

6. Changing his attitude from being ignorant becomes fun because he doesn't want your love to diminish. Don't be surprised if you get more here the attitude is more fun

You must be surprised when you realize that he who was ignorant when he became a gebetan turned into a pleasant figure when you were invented with him. This change in attitude is done solely because he loves you, he doesn't want to lose you as his lover. He had felt he had found the right figure he had been looking for.

Love is full of surprises. Love can instantly change one's attitude, for example your lover; from what was ignorant during PDKT, now his attitude pleases your heart. He turned into attention, turned romantic, switched to being good. You should be grateful and maintain harmony with love.

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