6 These Things Will Happen When You Stop Working While Scrolling Instagram
27 September 2018 Andina Rahayu Success 356
6 These Things Will Happen When You Stop Working While Scrolling Instagram "The job is finished Dil?"

"Not yet, just want to start this." Oh my, the IG person is not finished right now. "

Have you experienced anything like this? Finally, the work that should have finished was 4:00 a.m., I didn't finish it, and I was forced to go home and go back to the house. Whose fault? Yes, wrong yourself. In the digital era like today, along with the rapid use of the internet and social media sites, don't be surprised if anyone is free to access without stopping. Moreover, Instagram, one of the many social networking sites in the web. Most, if you open a PC or turn on a laptop, you will immediately go to Instagram. Yeah right?

For your information, when you stop opening Instagram pages during working hours, these things you will find.

1. Obviously, your productivity will be better when you leave the Instagram page for a moment, your focus won't split

Call it a blogger or accounting, ask him, who is the biggest enemy? Social media answer. They are so difficult to minimize the tab when opening their laptop, Instagram feels like it doesn't want to be closed. Once open, you will definitely be busy watching the Instagram page or see the ideal olshop account. How long has your productivity been wasted on unimportant things?

Multitasking does not belong to everyone. Especially if you are a type of perfectionist and can't multitask, don't need to be so busy looking at Instagram!

2. You will know who your friends really are. Not only what is on the screen of your laptop or cellphone, but he who is actually in front or beside you

When the internet and social media are rampant, it feels easier to be friendly with someone. The ones who are far away are closer, but those who are close are also far away. Sad, right? Unintentionally, you forget the real friend who was around you.

Try occasionally leaving your Instagram, and returning to the real reality of life. It could be that you will know what news happened to your office friends in the past few days, and who knows tomorrow night or when they will accompany your life overseas. Those on Instagram can't accompany you to enjoy coffee under the same sky, right?

3. You will focus on many other more important things than Instagram. Believe me, your life will be much better if you don't take care of the lives of others

What's more if it's not a waste of time, when you are busy scrolling the timeline during working hours? When you give it up for a moment, there are many things you can pay attention to, which are certainly more useful.

Even if you work, for example, you can focus on cleaning your desk to create a new atmosphere, you can do light stretches on your body. Many things outside Instagram are more interesting you do. And your life will be far more soothing and enjoyable, when you don't know anything about ex-passing on the Instagram page.

4. Limiting when you play Instagram, it's also good to get rid of your stalkers and make curious strikes. I don't want it like this?

Believe it or not, said several studies, every person who uses social media, at least has one stalker. Especially if you are a woman, duh. They always want to see your latest photos, your latest news in stories, and whatever you share on Instagram. Risi, right? So, stop things for a moment, especially in productive hours. Make them get away first, uh who knows with your "disappearance", there is a thump that is even curious. Ehemmm

5. There is research that says, Instagram is a place that only makes people have liver disease. Without glancing at it for a few hours, maybe your mood will be better

Instagram is able to make someone have more jealousy and envy. How come? For example, here, there is your friend who doesn't work but posts if he has a new cellphone, there is an X who eats at Y place with the Z menu, some have new girlfriends, intimate photos, go on vacation in exciting places, and whatever else. Then, sure you don't feel jealous? Mending limit yourself and focus work.

6. Do you realize if you have been deceived by the capitalists? The more often you play Instagram, the richer he gets. Well you?

Already know who Instagram is? Well, the more often you scroll Instagram, the more rich you will be. After all, Instagram actually doesn't care about you at all. When you get hurt or fall in love, Instagram can't empathize. There is only a place to scare, seek sympathy through likes, love, and comments. Oh come on, don't waste your life to benefit the capitalist. Mending to enrich yourself.

Be a wise medsos user. Complete the obligation first, then seek escape. There is a time, and everything that is excessive isn't good. Congratulations on being more productive, happy home office on time

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