6 Signs You Are Dependent on Your Boy. Understand Let Not Be a Slave to Love Melulu
25 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 131
6 Signs You Are Dependent on Your Boy. Understand Let Not Be a Slave to Love Melulu Excessive love for lovers is not something that is not possible to give birth to a sense of mutual need and always want to be beside him. As if jargon "Wherever you go, I come" you feel. Slowly the desire to always be with him spreads into a sense of dependence. You always feel incomplete and worried when he is not with you. Naturally, but everything that is excessive is not good.

You are even willing to do anything to sacrifice your own happiness for your lover because of your sense of dependence. If so, you need to be vigilant when everything feels torturous. Especially if some of the signs of dependency with your guy are already in you, you should start limiting what you feel is excessive before harming yourself.

1. Everything he says is like a decree, making whatever you do must be authorized with

Maybe there is a good intention behind your lover, but what does he think is good for him is also good for you? Don't immediately swallow what he says, the decision remains in your hands because you are running. After all, your status is still dating, it's different if you are a legitimate partner in the eyes of God. Until everything you do must get permission from him, who is he? If it's like that, how can you develop? Your youth is too dear, if you always stay in touch with your lover.

2. Not infrequently he plays drama only to get your attention, and his anger always melts you

Exaggerates a small problem and plays drama as if he is a victim of every problem he faces to attract your attention . Not infrequently he can start a fight when what is expected of you is not obtained. That is definitely not a good way to attract attention, or you easily melt for a moment because of anger and its words. Though you deserve to be assertive if he is wrong.

3. He can do anything because he knows, you will do anything for him

He certainly knows, you will do whatever he wants. Therefore, he can also act arbitrarily without you knowing it, why especially if it's not love and a sense of dependence that blinds you. Even though again you must subordinate your desires and happiness just to make him love you more. The title "Slave of Love" feels like you deserve it. You should not bother to fulfill his wishes. If it's a pity, he won't demand you too much, right?

4. You always think that your happiness is her, and you cannot be happy without her

Even though you clearly realize you are in a tiring relationship, but unfortunately the love for her defeats your own prejudices. Fear without him is greater in your control, and that is what keeps you happy even though your heart is often hurt. The desire to walk without him has ever existed in your mind, but what is the power if what you keep thinking is your incomplete language without it. It's hard if it's a pity.

5. Although not comfortable, but for the sake of being what he wants, you are willing to change yourself only for him

For example, you are not a girl who likes to dress feminine, but for the sake of being your lover wants You are back to collecting lots of skirts and clothes that are obviously not you really. You have to bother keeping the way you sit and how you walk when you wear a skirt and look the way your lover wants.

If indeed he intends to turn you towards a better direction it doesn't matter, but what if what you have changed is only to fulfill your wishes and not necessarily good for you. How long do you want to lose yourself?

6. It's not only body and soul, but you have given a lot of material to it

Then it's called Love Drain Savings. You are willing to spend a lot of money just for him, buy this gift - that, meeting his needs and even your needs is not necessarily fulfilled. If he doesn't care about your needs and without doing the same thing, you should reduce the amount of material he gives you. Not because of not being sincere, but you also need to prosper your life and your future, not only for your girlfriend.

Because of great love, that sense of dependence is present. You better not hang your happiness with him, he can only be part of your happiness not to dominate your entire happiness.

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