6 Reasons You Have Many Ex s Does Not Mean Like to Play Feelings or Bored Easy
09 Oktober 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 353
6 Reasons You Have Many Ex s Does Not Mean Like to Play Feelings or Bored Easy Life lasts so short. It doesn't feel like now that you've been studying and are working soon. As with romance, it doesn't feel like your ex is already in number. This is often a friend's joke. You are considered a person who likes to play people's feelings.

It's sad, you yourself are also difficult to avoid because the truth is that your ex is more than your friends in general. But about playing people's feelings you certainly don't agree. Even though in fact you who are a lot of exs don't like to play feelings but it is because of their mate that hasn't been met yet. But whose name is also a person, really likes to do what I don't.

1. Having a lot of ex does not mean that you are not loyal, instead you are more likely to maintain relationships even though they end up being alone.

Many accusations are misplaced that say you are not loyal. This is clearly a baseless accusation. Those who say that kind of thing actually don't know you. They do not know that all this time you always try to be loyal in every relationship whatever the conditions. Even because of this you become a person who always suffers because of this kindness. They don't know anything.

2. Have time to think not dating because often hurt. But it feels strange to hope for a mate, while you are still afraid of having a relationship

Nyesek does face the fact that you who are loyal and serious actually get a fate that is not worth the relationship. Plus various accusations. Those two things that could make you think not to have a relationship anymore.

But the thought is slowly removed because it is strange that it feels like expecting a soul mate but doesn't want to work. Isn't that a match to be fought for? Yes, despite the pain and sad ending. But isn't that also the risk of love, ready to be happy then must be prepared to bear the pain too.

3. Sometimes you are jealous of married friends. From there you wonder how come they can find love in a fast time?

Because your love business often fails, you become jealous of your friends. Especially for those who are married. At the wedding you often feel two things; happy and sad. Happy because your friend finally found his soul mate, sad because you haven't. Add sadness when you remember how fast he is matched, even though you yourself have risen above him but all are nil.

4. But finally you realize that comparing is not a good thing. Because indeed everyone has their own way

Dryness fails, you become jealous of those who are so easy to succeed. Very courteous but enduring to get married, or dating just for a short time to get married. While you, changing partners still doesn't work. Until finally you realize that there is something worse than you, those who are single to old. Finally you realize that everyone has their own way. You believe that your business is just waiting for results. Soon people will come.

5. After all there are also many lessons that you get about relationships, in addition to knowing the right pair character for the future

Come to think of it, even though your image is bad because your ex is a lot but there are many benefits you get from it. Having dealt with many figures makes you have a lot of knowledge and ways to address someone. Besides that you are also actually fortunate because you are used to intrigues in relationships which can be an important provision for your relationship after marriage later.

6. You believe that soul mate must be fought for, so you are trying to find the right person to accompany you in the future

From all the scorn you receive, try to be sincere. And don't let your status prevent you from progressing. Do not give up to love, do not give up for a relationship again. Because after all a mate must still be fought for. Always learn from mistakes. Rest assured that your efforts will be paid on time. Business will not betray results. May God see your hard work and meet immediately with your soul mate.

Having a lot of ex is indeed a dilemma. On the one hand it's happy because it's a sign you sell, but on the other hand it's sad also because it's always used as a joke ... it's said to be unfaithful and others. But regardless of everything you don't need to be sad because someday there will come someone who asks you to accompany him to live together. Be assured when the time comes he is fighting for you, not the other way around. This is the payment for your efforts so far.

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