6 Reasons That Envy and Hate Can Steal Mental Strength. Do not believe Let s prove it
12 September 2018 Rahmat Asmayadi Motivation 206
6 Reasons That Envy and Hate Can Steal Mental Strength. Do not believe Let s prove it One of the things that often makes people fail to have a good life is because of jealousy and hate for the success of others. Living in this modern era, it seems difficult to not be disturbed by the success of others. Try taking just two minutes to see social media and see what everyone is trying to do.

Without self-control, seeing photos of other people on vacation and showing off their fun sometimes makes us feel jealous. \"Wow, how happy he is,\" \"how nice his life is,\" began to burst into our hearts. Right, right? The coworker who posted his new home looked very happy and seemed to prove that he produced more of us.

Even so many other people's circumstances make us feel yes, a little jealous. But do we know that research proves that envy in the success of others can lead to depression?

In fact, that envy and hatred can steal our mental strength. Come on, prove that we are mentally strong people. Because people who are mentally strong do these six things when they see the success of others:

1. Don't focus on self weaknesses

It's easier to focus on your own weaknesses and the strengths of others. When we feel weak we will be jealous of others. Therefore, recognize our own strength without focusing on the strengths of others.

2. Self-awareness of the tendency of yourself to judge others

It is very easy to assume the success of others. But that doesn't mean that someone else is rich, famous, and great, he does a cheating method to achieve it. Be careful with assumptions that tend to be negative for others. That is the same as thinking that we are the best and others are not.

3. Not degrading the achievements of others

Thinking that the success of others is achieved in a dirty way shows that we are thinking negatively of others. We will never have a strong mentality if we continue to demean the achievements of others. Learn to accept it without judging it.

4. Do not consider other people's success as an injustice

Sometimes, others are more fortunate than us, and vice versa. That is a fact of life. But the focus on injustice is not the right way to respond to this reality of life. Complaining about injustice in life makes our lives more bitter. That is exactly what hinders our success.

5. Don't compare yourself with other people

Thinking that someone else's house is better than our home, he is thinner than me, he is more successful and great than me, is not a healthy way to improve self-concept.

Everyone has their own unique, talents and life experiences. There will always be people who are better, richer, and more capable than us. But don't spend energy just to envy and hate them. The only comparison we need to do is, compare ourselves first with now.

6. Build a definition of success for yourself

Remember that even if someone has something we want, it doesn't mean we can't have it too. But make sure that we don't just pursue what other people have and pursue other people's dreams. Create success for ourselves and pursue our own dreams. So that we will walk according to the path we design without jealousy of other people's success.

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