6 models of clothes to cover fatty arms. Anti Minder, Attractive Beautiful Look
12 Oktober 2018 Meily Rohmatun Style 240
6 models of clothes to cover fatty arms. Anti Minder, Attractive Beautiful Look In addition to the stomach and chest, many girls feel inferior because they have large arm sizes. Though already trying to diet and lose weight, but the fat on the arm does not yet want to shrink. And the most slippery moment is to be smart to choose the right angle when you want to take pictures, so that your arms don't seem to dominate.

Well, if you can't compromise your arms to be tapped, try to use the right outfit. Because it is wrong to choose clothes, your big arms can actually be exposed. Here Hipwee Style gives a reference for clothes that are suitable for you big arm owner.

1. Clothes with vertical motifs have indeed become subscriptions to provide a slimming illusion effect

Vertical motifs on clothing are the most appropriate to give a slimming effect because the motif extends downward. Not only for overall body proportions, vertical patterned clothes also apply to shrinking the arm. Choose a boss or dress with vertical motifs, especially on the arms so that the fatty area looks slimmer.

2. Use 3/4 sleeve or long sleeves to get around the shape of your big arms

Girls usually have the same complaints, they are more insecure with the condition of the upper arm that looks more filled than the wrist. To work around this, you can choose clothes with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves that are the right size, not too tight or too big. Try to make the sleeves loose enough so that they don't form your large arms and emphasize the slimmer lower arms.

3. Batwing sleeves or bat sleeves that have wider models can cover your big arms

Clothes that have this batwing model can perfectly disguise the size of your large arm. A fashion piece that extends down will give a proportional impression to your body. It's not just a boss, you can also use a dress with a batwing model with an arm length of 3/4 for an option to dress so that your arms don't go anywhere.

4. Bell sleeves can also help cover your big arms

Instead, choose a shirt or dress with bell sleeve shaped or commonly called a bell arm. The arm that extends at the bottom can balance the large part of your arm. The clothes that had hit this past year still look pretty bad when worn in the present. The choice of the model is even more, isn't it?

5. Cover your big arms by wearing an outer like a blazer or cardigan you can also apply

If you are usually a large-sleeved man who does not PD to wear short-sleeved clothes especially those without sleeves, you can anticipate by wearing an outer like a blazer or cardigan. Select the outer which is made from soft or light, not too thick so it doesn't look bigger and bigger. Do not also choose the greatness, wear the fit on the body so that the illusion is slim more visible.

6. Models of lace or sheer sleeves besides making cool are also effective at making the illusion of smaller arms

Clothing models with lace sleeves or lace material can also disguise your big arms. You can still play colors with lace material, but black is the most appropriate choice to give the illusion of a smaller arm. In addition to lace, you can also wear transparent sleeveless clothes or sheer that covers your arms but it doesn't make you upset.

Whatever your anxiety about body shape that feels disproportionate, you don't need to feel inferior. There are many ways to get around your appearance. Even so, the effort to idealize the proportion of his body is still done, huh!

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