6 Messages of Humanity from the Asian Para Games Event. Never Give Up in the Middle of Limitations
06 Oktober 2018 Audina Galeshita Motivation 452
6 Messages of Humanity from the Asian Para Games Event. Never Give Up in the Middle of Limitations Many people with physical limitations are underestimated. They are shunned by strange views by others. They are considered unable to be independent and cannot do much, including for themselves. In fact, it is precisely from them that, we who are physically complete should learn a lot. They struggle very hard to make themselves independent even though they cannot hear, have difficulty speaking, cannot see, lose their legs, or lose their hands. Amazingly, they also have the opportunity to compete and become athletes competing up to the international level.

One event that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to compete in sports is the Asian Para Games. In 2018, the Asian Para Games are held in Indonesia and opened on Saturday (6/10). Disability athletes who struggle in disability sports competitions throughout Asia give us inspiration, that strong struggles and determination can go beyond the physical limitations they have. This is the humanitarian message we can take from them.

1. Limited physical make them try to exceed the limit. Who says losing legs then removes their dreams to run

In all the limitations that exist, these athletes prove that it will not make them stay and accept. Efforts to surpass their own limitations have proven fruitful. Those who don't have legs can run.

2. Having no arms doesn't make them unable to swim. With strong determination, they try to remain completely normal human beings

Conditions cannot make them give up. Strong determination that is always embedded in the heart gives them the spirit to be like the others. Even though you don't have an arm, there's always a way to swim.

3. If all this time wheelchair users are considered weak and helpless, they try to fend off with achievement

Persons with disabilities are often underestimated, considered unable to do anything. In fact, on a wheelchair, these badminton athletes fend off this assumption with a row of achievements. They are not weak. They are even stronger than us.

4. Disability athletes prove that they don't deserve to be shunned. Support and enthusiasm from the environment make them meaningful

Seeing people who have physical deficiencies sometimes feels strange and makes other people stay away from them. In fact, what they need is support. The proof is, people with disabilities can really be athletes with achievement if given support.

5. The smile of the speaking athlete who continues to expand on the lips even though they can't talk should inspire to always be grateful to the Almighty

Even though they are physically deprived, they don't stop smiling. Those who can't talk can still smile and achieve. Why are we complete and have everything, and even complain and often forget to be grateful?

6. They never count what is missing, but instead maximize what is left. An optimistic view must be embedded in the mind

The optimism of the Asian Para Games athletes should be an example. They no longer curse what they don't have, but maximize what they currently have. There are no half-empty glasses for them. There is a glass that is always filled with water

Those who are physically limited are still willing to fight. We are complete, no less anything, the time is still a lot of complaining and easy to despair. Shame about them

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