6 Habits That Make Your Unemployment Status Longer, and Become Neighbors
11 November 2018 Iradat Ungkai Motivation 830
6 Habits That Make Your Unemployment Status Longer, and Become Neighbors When you are a student, you certainly want to graduate and work quickly so you don't bother your parents anymore. Work is good. By having your own income, you can buy anything as hearted. But the reality is not as beautiful as in dreams. Your graduation doesn't make you have income, it's no other because it's difficult to get a job.

Looking for work in the present is not easy. Many vacancies, but many are also rivals. Many calls, but it doesn't work the way you want. Now for those of you who already feel that it's not good to be unemployed and hurt, it becomes the ingredients of the neighbors' talk, "how come they are at home". It would be nice if you started to move, improve yourself, change your habits so that you immediately get to work.

1. Reduce your habit of playing games all day. Better time and money is used to find job information.

Realize it or not, since the game is playing, people are increasingly lazy to move. His daily life is only in the room, lying on the bed, holding the gadget from day to night. Well this habit is better changed.

Indeed, you have joined Jobfair and are just waiting for a call. But if you want to get a job quickly, then your efforts must be more activated. Don't just send the last file already. Look for vacancies or other information that supports your business, such as info about interviews, tips on making CVs, looking for relationships and so on so that you are ready for calls at any time.

2. Be proud of the habit of making it easy. Especially related to applications such as completeness of administrative files or catchy CVs

No company that has called you could have been because your habit was a matter of filing. It might be because in a hurry you forget to complete the conditions given. Or maybe your CV isn't interesting enough to pass up. People often forget these two seemingly trivial things, even though this is what the company first checks. No matter how good your profile won't be, if at the beginning you don't pass administration.

3. Change mindset if the interview outside the city is tired and costly. His name is also a business, always needing the name sacrifice

There is nothing that is instant or easy to achieve. Want to eat instant noodles just have to cook first. So you should eliminate your normal habits if you get a call outside the city. Most people are lazy if they have to go out of town to attend the interview. The reasons are various, starting from "far", "eating costs", "not necessarily accepted". This is what you must eliminate. You must take advantage of every opportunity that comes.

4. Change your habits of wasting time. It's better to take advantage of your free time to do productive activities

You are just waiting for a call, but it's good to take advantage of your free time to do something quality. You must stay productive. For example, you can try to register job vacancies, volunteer, work, or design business ideas. These things can help you gain definite useful experiences and relationships going forward.

5. Don't be too picky about work. There's nothing wrong with trying something new when someone gives you a chance

Many people who don't get jobs because they like to be picky. If you feel that way too, then your thoughts must be changed. Having a job that matches your passion is indeed good, but if the work call doesn't come, it's a pity for your time. Just accept existing calls rather than idle. It is looking for temporary experience and income.

6. Don't also depend too much on vacancies. Look for all the possibilities for you to have income

To get income, it's good you don't just rely on vacancies. You have to be creative if your efforts to register here and there never pay off. Look for other possibilities, create your own opportunities. You can start looking for many relationships, teaching here and there, designing your own business, and others that are useful for making coffers.

You may have worked hard to send files everywhere and join Jobfair every month, but you can't get a call too. Don't mope or think your business is useless. Nothing is in vain in this life. You need to reduce habits that can hinder your efforts. You must further increase your efforts.

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