6 Free CV Design Provider Sites That Make Your Job Application More Prestige
24 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 280
6 Free CV Design Provider Sites That Make Your Job Application More Prestige When applying for a job, resuming the alias CV (Curriculum Vitae) becomes an important element that determines interest or no recruiters to select you. Therefore, creativity in making a CV is very necessary. Not to mention, in the digital era like today, employment will prefer CVs that are "unusual" even though they may be ordinary. The problem is, not everyone has design capabilities that make the CV look more attractive.

Don't be sad, if all this time your CV display tends to be plain and boring, these sites provide templates to make online CVs more attractive and professional. Get ready to be called interview!

1. Students and students must know Canva. Not only for social media content, presentations, or infographics, but also to make an interesting CV too

Canva has many design choices, photos and icons that you can use for free. You only need to drag and drop to a number of image elements in the template that you selected, edit it, then retype the format of the contents to enhance the appearance of your CV.

2. Easel.ly provides a variety of visually attractive CV templates. Very suitable for those of you who want to apply for a job in the creative field

The Easel.ly site provides templates that help you convey information in interesting data, including infographic templates with attractive colors for CV. You can also make your own creation. Design of CV from Easel.ly suitable for those of you who want to apply for a job in the creative industry.

3. If you need a more detailed and formal CV display with English text settings, use Visual CV

Most CV templates available in the Visual CV are minimalist in white background, suitable if you need a more formal CV look. The page customization is very detailed, it also has a professional English text layout that can be changed according to your work experience. This site can really enter your data automatically taken from a LinkedIn account (it's good that you make it first).

Another advantage, you can edit your CV from a mobile device. Just like Social Media, you can also find out the information of the number of people who saw or downloaded the CV that you uploaded while asking for a response from your CV by sending it to your friends. Exclamation, right?

4. Kick Resume will help you create a CV in the simplest way in a short time even less than 10 minutes

Although it presents a formal appearance, the shape and color of the Kick Resume design is more dynamic but without leaving a professional impression. Kick Resume provides CV templates that are suitable for various professions. If you are confused about choosing a design that is suitable for the industry that you are engaged in, just press the resume examples menu where you can see the CV of other people who have successfully passed the selection in a reputable company. This site also provides the function of creating a work recommendation letter!

5. Besides making your CV look attractive, Cuuveed can connect you to the job portal

Through the Cuuveed site, you can design an attractive online CV without having to fill in your data because Cuuveed is integrated with LinkedIn. Cuuveed concurrently as a portal for job vacancies managed by Karir.com. Well, you can take advantage of all the advantages Cuuveed offers to achieve a better career.

6. Not only makes the best CV, Novoresume is also equipped with features that will revise the lack of biodata that are important for HRD

This site has column settings that are almost as flexible as Canva. You are free to choose an interesting template, set the layout of the CV sheet that is created, and also save your CV final results in PDF format. The bonus is again, Novoresume is equipped with an optimizer feature that will revise the lack of biodata which is considered crucial by HRD assessment. So minimize the errors you make, right?

Now, through the sites above, you don't need to be confused anymore how to design a CV with another look than usual. Prepare your data immediately, input it to one of the sites that suits your needs, send it to the dream office, then get ready for an interview call. Good luck!

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