6 Complaints of Pregnant Women Signifying Healthy Babies. Relax, No Need to Worry Weight
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6 Complaints of Pregnant Women Signifying Healthy Babies. Relax, No Need to Worry Weight For the majority of women, pregnancy and childbirth may be the most beautiful gift ever felt. Not only for prospective mothers, prospective fathers also feel happiness waiting for the baby to come to the world. But the feeling of joy is often accompanied by discomfort felt by pregnant women during the pregnancy phase due to a surge in hormonal changes. No wonder if during pregnancy, pregnant women will often complain.

But it turns out that some complaints are very normal for pregnant women. In fact, it can be a sign that the baby they are growing grows healthy. The problem is that many pregnant women who like parno are the same changes and discomfort that occur in their bodies. Especially if you are pregnant for the first time. Worry about being double. Well, for you prospective mothers, let's look at a series of pregnant women complaints that indicate prospective baby is healthy! Let me not worry about the weight

1. Although there may already be many pregnant women who know that nausea and vomiting are natural, but still not a few who still like to complain. Though nausea vomiting is a good sign

Morning sickness, which can actually happen at any time, a lot of complaints from pregnant women. This is because these conditions are indeed uncomfortable. Many also get weak and can't move at all. Although not tasty, but it turns out that the symptoms actually become a sign that the baby is in a healthy womb. Based on research, most mothers who experience miscarriages actually never feel nauseous. According to some experts, nausea vomiting during pregnancy is the body's way to improve the nutritional quality of pregnant women and also reduce the harmful content that may inadvertently enter the body. So the fetus is better protected.

2. Not infrequently also pregnant women complain about weight. Scales that increase dramatically often make them stressful and thoughtful, even though ...

Dear mother, the numbers on the scales that are increasing are not things you should worry about. In fact, you should be grateful, because weight gain is a sign that the pregnancy is going well and the baby in the womb is growing perfectly. Uh, but even so, pregnant women must also be vigilant if the increase is more than 15 kg. Because according to the expert, the pregnant woman's weight gain ranges from 13-15 kg during pregnancy. If it is less or more than that, do not hesitate to see a doctor, right!

3. Another complaint that often arises from pregnant women is a more intense urge to urinate. In 3-4 hours it can even be repeated to the toilet

Another pregnant woman's complaint that actually becomes a sign of a well-developed baby is beser, or easily dripping with pee. The increase in intensity to the bathroom is normal, there is a pregnant woman because the uterus and the baby who continues to enlarge will push the bladder. So the feeling of wanting to pee becomes more frequent. It seems like almost all women since pregnancy will wake up at night just to pee. But calm, this symptom doesn't need to worry too much because the sign your baby is growing consistently.

4. Baby's movements when the womb has begun to step on 4 months is funny. But often you know, your mother complains of stomach aches, aches, or mules every little one moves

When the age of the womb has entered the 4th month, the pregnant woman does often feel the baby's movements in her stomach. Funny, but it's not uncommon for the movement to make pregnant women feel pain, aches, or heartburn. This baby who moves around indicates that he is healthy and active. The movement is also an indicator if the baby has received optimal oxygen. Usually this discomfort is increasingly felt when the womb has entered 3rd trimester. This is because the remaining space in the uterus is thinning, while the baby continues to grow bigger.

5. Another problem that is often a complaint for pregnant women is constipation. But do you know that constipation is the effect of increasing the hormone progesterone in the body?

When pregnant, a woman's body will experience a lot of changes, one of which is the increase in the hormone progesterone. Well, this increase in hormones can actually have a significant effect on the body of pregnant women, like constipation. But calm, constipation symptoms are fairly normal, and instead become a sign that the baby is growing well. This is because this hormone is in charge of preparing and protecting the uterus during the pregnancy phase, and ensures that the embryo develops properly and remains attached to the uterus.

6. The bigger the stomach, the more often he experiences back pain. Although painful, at least this symptom also becomes a sign that the baby is growing optimally

Back pain is often experienced by pregnant women, especially those whose stomach is getting bigger. This symptom occurs because the ligament that connects the bone, softens and stretches. The sign is the body is preparing itself for the birth process. The pain that is often experienced by pregnant women is also a sign that the baby is growing well you know, because the baby is growing, the body weight is charged to the joints of the back and pelvis.

The phase of pregnancy is indeed a quite heavy phase. In addition to feeling heavy on the physical, pregnant women also often experience mood swing. But all the symptoms and complaints are actually reasonable, even an indicator of a baby in the womb growing healthy. So from now on, there's no need to worry too much, bro.

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