6 Brilliant Ideas Utilizing Expired Cosmetics and Skin Care. Uh, don t hurry to be dumped first
22 November 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 435
6 Brilliant Ideas Utilizing Expired Cosmetics and Skin Care. Uh, don t hurry to be dumped first Have a myriad of cosmetics and skin care collections?

Whether you really work in the field of beauty or indeed just a hobby, buying and stacking a collection of cosmetics sometimes becomes a kind of simalakama fruit. Yes, you don't want to buy it but how come it feels like you need it, but if it's bought, there are still many collections at home. Not to mention if you often order fortune to win lottery giveaway or happen to be a blogger who can have many products to try and review. So much, sometimes it becomes unemployed and forgotten until it finally expires. Duh!

Sad? Eits, calm down. Don't rush to throw away all your favorite collections first. Some cosmetic products and skin care that are nearing or just expiring can still be used, so that it does not end up in vain in the garbage bin. Here's how:

1. First thing first, you have to know that unfortunately one product that has expired is dangerous. More don't apply it to your body again!

Products that have expired are vulnerable to containing harmful bacterial germs. After expiration, the choice is just WASTE or use it again for something else - which doesn't touch your skin anymore. As will be reviewed by Hipwee this time. Keep reading! 2. You can donate lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and other decorative products to painting artists. Not bad, so it produces work?

Or maybe you want to experiment with producing artwork by using decorative cosmetic products such as lipstick and eyeshadow? Hehe. Yes, if you don't, you can try donating to friends of painters who can use color pigments from eyeshadow or lipstick that you have. 3. Instead of being thrown away in vain, try donating a complexion product such as powder or foundation to the MUA corpses that definitely need it.

Just like decorative make-up, you can also donate complexion products to the MUA community, to a funeral home or to a hospital. They definitely need it most. Instead of being dumped, your product will be more useful right? 4. For skin care products that are liquid and contain alcohol such as face toner or some kind of micellar water, just use it to clean the contents of your room

Using liquid products that contain alcohol to clean make-up brushes, table surfaces, mirror surfaces or electronic surfaces such as light switches and cellphone LCDs you can really try. Yup, especially if you use a make-up remover, the results will definitely be easier.

5. For cleaning products such as facial soaps, bath soaps and so on, you can use them as laundry soap. Wash dusty make-up brushes, for example

Washing laundry soap, soap for bathroom brush or make-up brush washing soap ... you choose it! 6. For products like moisturizers, as long as you don't see changes in color, texture and smell, you can use it to soften your favorite leather bag or shoes

As long as you don't have bleach, you can really use a cream or lotion that has just expired to treat your collection of bags and shoes. 7. Finally, fragrant spray products such as hair vitamin spray, you can use to repel unpleasant odors from shoes

You can use the perfume products that have just expired to make your shoes smell good. Yes, rather than being thrown away right?

Before deciding to use your expired product, make sure the product doesn't expire too long. If it's only been a few months and there are no signs of significant color and odor changes, it should still be used, as long as it doesn't touch your skin. Hopefully next time you are more careful in buying products, so before you expire you can send it to friends or relatives. Pay attention to the storage as well, so that it doesn't overload until it's forgotten. Hopefully this Hipwee tips is useful!

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