6 Attitudes You Must Eliminate in Your 2 s, To Keep Your Boy Comfortable To Live Relationships
21 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 246
6 Attitudes You Must Eliminate in Your 2 s, To Keep Your Boy Comfortable To Live Relationships In the case of romance, in their twenties it was indeed on fire. Sweet sour love begins to feel. Often moving to another heart has become commonplace, considering you really have to find the right moorings. Only then will your intuition towards someone work, and make you no longer move to another heart.

Before finding a heart idol that suits your heart, you also have to mature yourself for the success of your relationship later. If you want your lover to hold on to you, you should slowly remove the childish attitude that still exists on you. Learning also removes some of these attitudes in your 20s, so that he is comfortable with you.

1. Chat too often and just don't be briefed for a while, you crap has become so

This is a mistake often made by girls, because it is more expressive in showing their emotions. Especially when you know the status of your guy whatsapp online, but your chat will not be answered. Even though it might be there, your guy is overflowing to reply to an important chat for his affairs. Not that you are not important, there will be time for you later.

2. Dependence on social media, until sometimes it is the source of your misunderstanding

Depend on social media and make you a super narcissist, until everything you do and everything that happens to you as if the whole world must know. You look like you can't limit where your world really is, your partner will also be anxious to see you too much on social media. Even often only because of social media, your relationship is often confronted with quarrels.

3. Excessive jealousy, without first finding out the truth and always blame the partner

Jealousy is a sign of affection, but if you cross the line and aren't right on target it's possessive. The heat of jealous fire makes you unable to control your anger, without compromising and talking with a cold head. You have thought that is nothing about your partner.

Until finally, you often break the relationship between your boyfriend and the opposite s*x by blocking all their communication access. Even though for the sake of a healthy relationship you should not have the right to limit the friendship environment of your girlfriend as much as possible. Even if you feel suspicious, it's good to be asked and discussed together first.

4. Complaining is human, but if only a small thing is complained. So where is your maturity?

Dating a hot motorbike, you complain. Dating a traffic jam, you complain too. Complaining is human, but you should be able to control your discomfort with small things well. If it's a little easy to complain at trivial things, it's natural that your beauty in the eyes of the boyfriend goes down one level. Instead of continuing to complain, it's better if you learn to see the positive side of everything that happens, such as "It's okay if it's jammed, it's when you're together for longer".

5. Expect the boyfriend who always pays every time you go on a date, even having to buy what you want without understanding his financial condition

Even though it is his duty as a man, he is responsible when he is with you. But that does not mean it is a sign, every time you go on a date he has to pay plus you have to buy what you want. You also need to understand the financial condition of your lover, if indeed his condition is not able to finance dating matters. Don't even crank, what's wrong with paying for it first. After all, pay for dating on your own as well as your independence as a girl, you know.

6. Don't just because you already have a boyfriend, make you not independent. Everywhere I want to be picked up without understanding the activities of the boyfriend

The days that you often pass together, don't make you dependent on your lover. Your boyfriend may never mind helping you, but you also need to understand his activities. You have to remain independent, who would have thought that your girlfriend would become even more affectionate because of your independence as a woman and make you look amazing in her eyes.

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