6 Attitudes of Girls Who Often Make Their Guys Burdensome. Understand that Your Beloved Is Not Going
30 September 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 319
6 Attitudes of Girls Who Often Make Their Guys Burdensome. Understand that Your Beloved Is Not Going Living a relationship can be said to be easy. It takes patience and patience, especially regarding holding back self ego. At the beginning of dating you might like everything about your partner, but the next few months you will find a lot of attitudes or behavior that you don't like. Until finally you feel the need to organize his life as you think is good.

This attitude regulates what usually becomes the beginning of a relationship quarrel. Because even though you think it's good, but not necessarily your guy thinks the same. Many things that you don't like have been conveyed to him, but not everything can be accepted. Even many of your attitudes are unconsciously burdening your girlfriend. This is the attitude of a girl who usually makes a guy burdened.

1. Limiting guys to communicate with other girls may be permissible. But if you limit your friend's relationship, please think again

Jealousy is a natural thing to love. But girls usually overreact in expressing their jealousy. One is to forbid the guy from playing with his own theme (girl).

The excuse of jealousy might be accepted by your guy if you caught him playing with friends who had never been introduced to you. But if it's his best friend - which you might have been introduced to - you are still jealous. So it's natural that your girlfriend is burdened by your request.

2. The news is indeed important in relationships, but the demand to always be chatted in every activity for a boy is excessive

It is undeniable that exchanging news is important for the continuation of the relationship. But some girls like to be angry if their boyfriend doesn't serve him. As if a girl requires her guy to always think of him at all times, obviously your guy will feel burdened here. Remember, you have to take care of your guy not you.

3. Must meet every heart and everywhere have to go together, slowly but surely make a guy far from his own world

You need to remember that your boy's life isn't just taking care of you. Therefore stop asking to always be together at all times. Everywhere asking for dianterin, eating must be together, and so on ... hmm, you're not a high school student anymore. Appreciate your boyfriend who has his own world. He must work, he also has friends, he has a family.

4. Too often, ask for something to buy or pay for it it's obvious that guys think twice

You need to know that a guy is not really a problem if you ask him to buy something or treat your meal. But you must understand that you can't do it all the time. Because no matter how fortune there are ups and downs. When you install, your guy will be encouraged to buy something you want. But if you recede, then you should understand how to behave; yap! restraint.

5. Sometimes guys also need to be listened to and obeyed by their will

You who want to always listen to vent, consider their opinions, and be understood for all their desires should be able to position your guy like that. You must never ask bluntly, but guys also need it. Then occasionally obey his words, do not invite him to argue only. Don't want to win on your own.

6. The attitude of the girl asking for social media passwords is difficult for men to accept. That's why privacy and according to him, why don't you believe it?

Trust is very important in relationships, so from now on stop your habit of controlling its activities in cyberspace. It is not necessary to ask for a social media password for all reasons, privacy is something that is needed by him. There are some things that are not your right to know. Likewise with you, which also has the right to ask for privacy from your guy. As long as there is no cheating on each other, your relationship will undoubtedly last.

Those are some attitudes that you must pay attention to your partner. No need to overdo it in asking or addressing your partner because not everything that you think is good is also considered right by him. However, the contents of different heads of people. Be aware of the attitudes that have the potential to overload your partner, understand that your lover doesn't go away

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