5 Your Body s Signal Has Screamed Excessively. This Is Not A Problem With The Body Again Spoiled Doang
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5 Your Body s Signal Has Screamed Excessively. This Is Not A Problem With The Body Again Spoiled Doang The body has its own alarm to determine its limit. Unfortunately, busy activities often make this alarm "unreadable". With the excuse "still strong", the alarm signals are ignored and the body continues to be forced to do many things.

If it continues, this can be dangerous. In the end you can fall down and instead have to rest at home or even have to be hospitalized! Don't want to do this right? Well, if you have experienced some signs of the body, it's time you have to pay more attention to yourself.

1. Although it often happens when the body is not fit, do not underestimate diarrhea and nausea. Mutaber can be dangerous if not treated immediately.

Maybe diarrhea and nausea are normal things that you experience when your body is slightly disturbed. There are many things that cause you to diarrhea. Starting from the air or the weather that is again "unclear" that makes your body "catch a cold", until the wrong meal that makes your stomach heartburn. But this diarrhea can't be underestimated. It could have led to the vomiting, which is a gastrointestinal infection due to a virus. Diarrhea and vomiting can remove a lot of body fluids, and this is very dangerous. Because it's as busy as anything, pay attention to the cleanliness of your food.

2. The body is easily tired and lazy to do activities. The cleanliness of a house that is less guarded is a nest of mosquitoes, be aware of DHF, yeah

The number of activities plus sleep patterns that are not good will make you easily tired. Coming home from work it feels like you can't do anything on weekends, instead of cleaning up a pile of dirty clothes at home or draining the bathroom, you sleep all day. Well, this poor living environment can increase the risk of dengue fever. The problem is that the Aedes aegypti mosquito is classified as a "home" mosquito that likes to nest inside the house. Maintaining health is not just about keeping food, but also environmental cleanliness. Try checking your activity again. What makes you so tired easily?

3. Difficulty sleeping, pale skin, easily tired and often pounding? Be aware of acute anemia that can be dangerous

Anemia or lack of blood occurs when your blood hemoglobin level is below the norm. For women, anemia may often occur especially during the month. But anemia is clearly not a condition that can be underestimated. Especially if your hemoglobin is below 6g / dl and causes loss of consciousness. This is a danger, and most likely requires you to be hospitalized so that it can be observed or even transfused. Besides those mentioned above, other symptoms of anemia are shortness of breath and headaches, lack of concentration, yellow skin, and bloody bowel movements. Be alert, if your body experiences these signals.

4. Stomach acid recur twice a week like a courtship schedule. It's dangerous if it's left unchecked

This disease is often cured and is considered a disease of boarding children who are sufficiently treated with drugs in the shop. Indeed, stomach acid is not classified as a severe disease, but if left lingering can be a danger. Already a lot of stomach acid spread everywhere until it finally ended fatally. Besides eating patterns, stomach acid is also influenced by psychological factors. It could be that you are in high stress or fatigue. Starting today, diet and stress management must be considered. The time to wait for hospitalization first, then care? Do not let the money that you are looking for by working hard every day even runs out for hospitalization fees.

But for this one business, you can rely on Reliable Free Insurance, health insurance for individuals that can be purchased starting from IDR 75,000 per month and based on sharia. Reliable Free Insurance covers all costs of hospitalization, ranging from rooms, medical devices, examinations, labs, medicines, to actions. Instead of hoping to get sick, but it's also good to be on guard? Right?

5. Breath feels hot, sore throat, and dizziness is a symptom you want to get sick. Don't be ignored again

Actually reading body signals is easy. If you already feel dizziness, sore throat, breath from the mouth feels hot, aches, and doesn't eat well, that's a sign your body is alert to illness. So we ourselves must be sensitive. If the symptoms have appeared, try to start consuming honey and drinking lots of water. If you need to sleep early so your body has free time to rest. Do not even be encouraged to do this and that for the reason "while not sick ..."

Although still young and the body tends to be fit, we must always pay attention to health from now on. One of them is maintaining diet and lifestyle, as well as keeping watch for health matters with Reliable Free Insurance Pure health insurance specifically for hospitalization. The way to buy it is not complicated because you live ine and choose the payment method that is most convenient for you. You can also choose your own payment, monthly or yearly.

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While still young, we must continue to run after dreams. But do not forget to remain obligatory for attention to yourself. Because it's not just

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