5 Ways to Reduce Cursing Habits in Your Daily Life If you can talk well, why not
17 November 2018 dalilahadani Motivation 310
5 Ways to Reduce Cursing Habits in Your Daily Life If you can talk well, why not At present, with the development of the times, the development of technology and the expanding breadth of adolescence, can easily influence a teenager's behavior. According to Hurlock, Elizabeth B, Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adults that includes mental, emotional, social and physical maturity.

Ever feel uncomfortable or not, when you listen to friends you talk dirty? Moreover, when talking dirty using loud and public sounds, it must be really shy right!

Without realizing it, this dirty speaking habit has been considered normal and common by teenagers in Indonesia, and unconsciously also talking dirty has also become a culture for teenagers in Indonesia. The proof, 96% of teenagers in Indonesia still often use dirty words in their daily lives. Over time, dirty words have been modified into everyday social languages.

In fact, things like this are not worth teaching and should not be continued. If this culture continues and continues to be trivialized, it will adversely affect the next generation and will continue to occur in the next generation. People who often speak dirty will be seen as uneducated and not valued by people.

Children who hear you when they talk dirty, are also feared to imitate you! Do you want your children and grandchildren to talk dirty? and do you want to be humiliated by people and not valued by people? Try starting from yourself to stop or reduce the use of dirty words in your habits.

Like other habits and bad qualities, saying dirty / rough is an easy practice, but difficult to eliminate, because it has been attached to and become a habit in the individual. It's so difficult, sometimes we don't even realize that we just said dirty / rude. 96.4% of teenagers in Indonesia think that this dirty speaking habit is severe and must be reduced.

As long as you are aware of these bad habits and really want to eliminate them, you will be able to stop saying dirty or rude. Therefore, here are some tips to stop or reduce the use of obscenities from your habits:

1. Believe in yourself, that talking dirty is a bad thing

To say rude has some purpose or function, but whatever the reason, saying dirty is a bad habit that can make us look stupid or uneducated, can intimidate, offend others, and make others not respect us.

Be aware of the dirty habits that we often say, after realizing, you will realize that how unpleasant it is when a dirty word is said from someone's mouth and surely we will see that person cannot respect others. Position yourself to be the person who often says dirty and position the people around who hear us when talking dirty, they will also think we are people who cannot respect others.

Starting from yourself to stop talking dirty and think about the impact that will occur if this habit continues. Be aware, that talking dirty can hurt someone's heart and you will be humbled by people.

2. Ask for help from friends and closest people to remind you when you let go of dirty talk.

If you have done a lot of ways to stop talking dirty but still like to let go of talking, it never hurts to ask for help from friends or closest people. You can ask people around you to remind you when you let yourself talk so that you will keep remembering yourself. Ask them to reprimand you if you start to let go when you say dirty.

Look for friends who rarely or even never say rude as an alarm. Usually with this method, because it is usually coveted, with the passage of time, without being reminded you will feel reluctant to say dirty or rude again. Never be embarrassed to ask friends to rebuke you when you behave badly, because good friends will support all your positive activities.

3. Judge yourself if you are free to speak or intentionally speak dirty

One alternative way of punishing yourself is to prepare a piggy bank or a place to save money that is difficult to destroy or open. Make a rule for each person if every time you talk dirty intentionally or not, must put some money into the piggy bank. The money that has been saved will definitely be useful for you in the future, and if possible the nominal money is not under Rp. 2,000.00.

You can also invite other people who have the same bad habits to participate in this "game" of punishment. Make sure that everyone who wants to play this punishment game honestly. If the piggy bank is full or successful, you can buy something as a form of celebration.

Because with this "game" of punishment, we can think first before saying to not be punished when talking dirty.

4. Try to express yourself with a broader vocabulary and build

As we know, languages have millions of words and terms, why not try to find finer words to express themselves. Almost all swear words have meanings that are dirty or rude and often offend others, therefore, begin to get used to thinking about the feelings of people around when we talk dirty and if you want to express or vent emotions find useful activities, such as writing diaries, listening to songs , singing, and other positive activities.

The way to emit emotions does not have to say a dirty word, because if you continue to get used to talking dirty it will be a bad habit and will be difficult to eliminate.

5. Try to avoid media that has dirty talk content

Many habits say dirty, especially in teenagers, arises because of the influence of public content such as music, flm, or TV. Moreover, in the age of technology it is now difficult or filtering out entertainment originating from social media that content creators easily say is dirty, so avoid imitating these bad words and ignore them, if you still want to watch the entertainment then it's best for you to throw away the bad good thank you. If you want to stop talking dirty then you should not imitate it.

Many bad effects will occur if the culture of dirty talk continues and if there is no intention to stop it. One effect is that it can hurt someone's heart and cannot be appreciated by others.

It is feared that if this speech culture is not stopped, our generation in the future will also be carried away by this culture. So let's go! build a good generation starting with yourself by stopping or reducing the culture of dirty talk!

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