5 Ways to Make a Rented House Become a Moneymaker. Instead of just living, right
23 November 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 408
5 Ways to Make a Rented House Become a Moneymaker. Instead of just living, right For students, choosing a rented house rather than a boarding house is considered more cost-effective even though it needs to pay a lot of money at first. So even for newly married couples, they will choose to rent a house first while saving to buy a new home. Unfortunately, not many people know that this rented house can be maximized to make money or add-on savings. Not bad, than just living?

Here, some of the efforts you can do by utilizing a rented house.

1. Instead of being inhabited by spirits, it is better to rent an empty room in a rented house as a boarding house

Before being offered to be a boarding house room, pay attention to their privacy. You can rent it out with a monthly system for students, students or office workers. Or you can also rent it out weekly for foreign tourists who are on vacation in your area. Well, to maintain privacy between you and the room tenant, you can be tricked by making separate entrances or making special regulations so that the tenant does not enter a particular room specifically for occupants of the house.

2. Take advantage of your kitchen to be a place for culinary business, whether selling cakes or cookies

If you are good at cooking or making cakes, why not try a catering or snack business that can be produced directly from your rented kitchen. If you don't have enough time to manage it, try to invite friends or relatives to work together. So you are the one who provides the capital and the place of production, your friend or brother who cooks, of course beforehand you have spread out the menu, how to cook and so on.

3. You can also rent out the terrace of a rented house for people who want to open a selling stall.

Terraces of rented houses can also be used as business fields. Can be used alone or rented out. If you want to rent it, try offering your front yard to traders who don't have a sales stall. The wider your home page, the more traders you can accommodate. If your house is on the roadside and its location is strategic, the rent can be more expensive.

4. Your yard can be used for gardening or farming! No need to think narrow or broad, there are always ways how to

Try to start planting your yard with cultivated plants such as tubers, beans, chili, ornamental plants or medicinal plants. If the garden is narrow, just make a tabulapot or a technique to plant plants in pots from a water pipe. Besides farming, you can raise poultry or make a fish pond. In addition to creating cool and 'living' around the house, the wallet also follows thick.

5. If your rented house is quite strategic, make the wall a promotional tool

The outside of the wall or wall of the house can be used as advertising media. Indeed, this can reduce the beauty of the look outside your rented house, but make a fair amount of money. Because now a number of companies are starting to advertise their products by painting their brand images on the walls of people's homes. Especially if your house is in a densely populated area that is always crowded.

Contracting a house does require big capital at the beginning, but if you just make a rented house to live in, unfortunately it feels. Mending take advantage of several spots in your rented house for business. Not bad, more money added

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