5 Types of Corsets that Not Many People Know. Not only for slimming the stomach
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5 Types of Corsets that Not Many People Know. Not only for slimming the stomach Not all girls have ideal bodies. To make the body look more ideal than doing physical activities, one that can be done is to wear special clothing. Like a corset that is often used to form certain parts of the body so it is easy to see. This corset is generally made of elastic material that can enlarge and shrink to suppress and form the curves.

In the past, corsets were usually used for women after childbirth, but now, the benefits of corsets are far more diverse. Its use is not just in your stomach, there are other types of corsets that can also be used in some parts of the body that accumulate excess fat. Let as needed, it is important for you to know the following types of corsets.

1. Corsets worn by older and postpartum women are generally used for health reasons.

Corset pregnant women are usually worn by women who are pregnant. The goal is to support the growing belly so that the pregnant woman doesn't get too heavy to support it. After the baby is born, generally the mother will have the remaining fat in her stomach. Well, to restore the situation as before, it takes the right time and treatment.

The corset can be used to close and tighten the loose abdominal muscles and restore them. The shape of the corset is the same as stagen, but there are rubber parts that can grip more tightly. For women who give birth by caesarean section, the corset can be used to reduce pain due to sutures.

2. There is a corset that is used specifically in the arm to overcome the sagging arm

This type of corset is used in the arm that is one place to accumulate body fat. An arm with excess fat will look saggy which disturbs the view when raising your hand let alone waving. By using an arm girdle, the arm will gradually grow tighter.

3. Specially shrinking thighs, there are also types of corsets that are suitable to try

In addition to the arms, the thighs are also a part of the body that is rich in fat. There is also this type of corset that is devoted to guys. The shape is like underwear or shorts. Corset pants have their own size that must be adjusted to the user's body size. To reduce the fatty thigh part, you can exercise like walking, cycling, or running while using a special thong girdle.

4. Slimming corsets are commonly used for beauty by shrinking the arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, to the calf

Slimming corset or all in one is a corset that can tighten all parts of the body that store a lot of fat. The shape resembles underwear that covers the arms, abdomen, thighs, and calves so that they can be used in clothing to get maximum results every day. Because it is more comprehensive, this corset is widely used by girls who want to shape the body. There are also several types of slimming corsets: Shape body firm

This corset is commonly used to secure excess fat problems in the hips and waist to form a sensual cleavage. Shape bustier body

You can wear this type of corset along with various bra models. The shape and the material are thin and elastic, it won't leave the appearance of a line of underwear in a skirt or tight pants. Mid tight bodysuit

This corset can reinforce the slim body silhouette when wearing off shoulder or tube models. Because the model is light and elastic, you will move more easily. Built in bodysuit

This type of corset looks like a swimsuit that reinforces the silhouette of a s*xy body. Suitable to wear with kebaya or bodycon dress with a low neck cut.

5. The lumbar corset is a type of health corset that is used to support the spine

There are types of corsets that are used for the purpose of improving body shape, one of which is a lumbar corset or an orthopedic corset. This corset is not worn on the abdomen but is used to pull and straighten the curved spine due to erroneous sitting habits. With a straight spine, your height will also increase!

In this corset there is usually an iron plate to keep the waist from getting sick and stay upright. Some health corsets even insert additional features such as infra red waves to facilitate blood circulation. This lumbar corset is suitable for use by people with back or waist problems such as scoliosis sufferers.

Before choosing a corset that suits your needs, it's a good idea to consult with a beauty doctor first. In addition to using a corset, you are encouraged to keep up with various physical and exercise activities regularly and regularly. Hope it helps, yeah!

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