5 Things You Definitely Have to Feel Now, When You Are a Child Often Fight with siblings
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5 Things You Definitely Have to Feel Now, When You Are a Child Often Fight with siblings For those of you who are not mere children of wayang aka single children, quarrels with siblings may not be foreign anymore. Even before, when I was little, this could happen every day. Anything makes you fight. Starting from the struggle for food, toys, obeying the will of one of them, and many more. But the fight was only brief. A few moments later, you are like normal again.

If you are one of those people who used to fight with your siblings, maybe you will feel these things now. For others who see, the fight will have a bad impact. In fact, things like this you actually feel thanks to fighting with your brother or sister first.

1. You are now a stronger person because you are accustomed to "conflict" with your brother or sister

You who are used to fighting with your brother or sister can be said to be more resilient in living a life. This is because since childhood you have become accustomed to not being spoiled and trained with the "conflict" that is with one of your brothers. Sometimes you win in that fight, but sometimes you also have to give in. You will get used to facing victory or defeat. This means that you will be better able to control yourself with all the decisions that you have and won't give up easily because of one obstacle.

2. Your ability to solve problems is also better because you have learned since childhood first

When you fight with your brother or sister, it means there is one problem that is being faced and needs a way out. You fight because you want to find the best solution in your opinion and maintain it. Habits in solving problems from childhood (although sometimes parents have to interfere, hihi) will certainly provide positive benefits when you are an adult. You can solve problems better than others. Your communication skills that have been trained from childhood with small fights with you will help you when solving current problems. You also think first and don't make decisions easily.

3. Even though you used to take care of your brother or sister, you didn't like your brother being treated with someone else

For this one business, maybe you won't deny it. You must admit that you used to fight just because it was fun. Or you deliberately look for problems with your brother or sister so that you fight. For you, the fight doesn't matter. However, when someone else does this to your brother, you certainly won't like it. In your opinion, your quarrel at home is normal, while the prank of others who want to "harm" one of your siblings cannot be accepted. Anyway there is nothing that can be bad for your brother besides you!

4. When you are far apart, it feels like something is lacking or the house feels quiet

A quarrel that often occurs at home is sure to make the atmosphere crowded. Shouts everywhere, crying sounds and so on will surely fill your house every time you fight. Maybe even your parents feel the whole house is too noisy because of the fights that occur. But now, after you grow up, or maybe one of them goes to wander, it feels like something is lacking. Your house feels more lonely. Or you feel lonely if you don't have a partner to fight again

5. Even in different ways, you and your brother still have closeness

For others who see your brotherly relationship, they will definitely think that you are not close at all. The proof is, a little bit of a fight, there is only the problem, and so on. In fact, however, you and your brother must have their own closeness, even though in a different way. Maybe you and your brother won't hug or hold hands everywhere, but you have your own way of showing affection for you. Is it through words or through other concerns that do not need to be shown to the crowd. Most importantly, your brother knows that you care about him, and vice versa.

When you remember your childhood, surely you are now smiling to yourself. How do you often fight with your brother or sister until one of you cries. How to defend your opinion or how to make your will be obeyed. Now, as time goes by, days that are full of quarrels with you are no longer there. The funny thing is, as often as anything, you have a fight, there's no inherent revenge. Not really?

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