5 Things That Prove Father s Love to His Child Is Great, Makes Him Will Do Anything
12 September 2018 Fhai Relationship 156
5 Things That Prove Father s Love to His Child Is Great, Makes Him Will Do Anything Father, a person who might each of us interpret it differently. But fathers are often portrayed as cold, quiet, even indifferent. Unlike the loving mother, she can show her affection easily, even always spoil you.

Although dad rarely expresses his feelings, it doesn mean that he doesn love his children. Or unfortunately not as big as mothers love. Daddy is very fond of you too. Its just that Dad has a different way to show his love. For example five things below. For you, maybe this is a normal thing, but actually these things show love for you.

1. Daddy was willing to resist hunger so that his son could enjoy the rice box he got in the office. Yes, its as simple as proof of his love

Maybe it looks simple. If you have a father who works in an office or as an employee, teacher, and others, you may have experienced this too. Yes, when I was a child, or maybe until now, your father often brought rice boxes that he got when there was a meeting or event. Foods that he should enjoy in the office, he kept deliberately so that you can eat them. Daddy is willing to hold his hunger so you can enjoy the rice boxes or packaged rice he is carrying. Whereas your father prefers to eat what is at home and sober. Simple indeed, but do you know it is a small part of evidence that he loves you?

2. Your father will be more nosy and fierce than your mother when you still haven come home even though its late at night

Some things my dad did might upset you. As always, dad calls you constantly when you spend time outside with friends until late at night. The message he sent many times started from reminding you that it was late at night, asking who you were coming back to who would be delivered. It seems, daddy is more nasty and fierce than mother for this matter. Yes, it is solely because you are something that is valuable to him. He doesn want anything to happen to you out there, and he just wants to make sure you e okay.

3. Whatever your father is, when there is a problem that drags you, he must "put the body" into the first person who will protect you

The figure of a father who may be colder than a mother often looks cool. Because thats how dad is. The cool and cool figure is what complements when mom is too spoiled you. He wants his son not only to be raised with tenderness but also firmness. But even though he is ignorant and cold, it does not mean that he is not as dear as mother. The proof, when you get a problem that is endangering you, the father must be the first person to stand in front of you and protect you. You will feel how the sacrifice of the father in a moment like this. Does he have to put aside his pride, or even endanger himself.

4. For your sake, daddy quietly borrowed money even though he knew he had to work twice to pay for it

Luckily if you come from an established and well-off family. It doesn need big effort when you need or want something. But maybe for some people, manifesting a desire is very difficult because of limited funds or costs. Like when you want a lecture away from home, with tuition fees that are also quite large, it will be very difficult for the father to reject your wishes. Because he knows that this also concerns your future. That is why he will try his best to realize your wishes. As much as possible he looks "able" or "able" in front of you, even though behind you dad borrows money. Although he knew that in the future he had to work twice as hard to pay for it.

5. Or maybe when you feel theres no way out, dad sometimes chooses to take a "shortcut" to fulfill your wishes

His love and love for the beloved baby who is so great sometimes makes him do anything. For example, when there is no longer a way out of the problems that you are facing, you can take "shortcuts" that you should not do. When you don know how to fulfill your needs, for example, especially when pressed for time, he will justify any means even though it will have a negative impact on him. For example, about the news recently, where a grandfather was caught carrying drugs. He was forced to do this because he needed a fee for his sons marriage. And if he succeeds in delivering the drug package, this grandfather will be rewarded with tens of millions. Sad isn it?

Even though your father might not look like a mother to you, but know that his sacrifice for you is also not playing games. He proved his love and love for you even through things that you didn even think about. Yes, thats all he does for you, his beloved baby: )

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