5 Things That Happen When a Girl Is In Love, Not Just Shut Up or Pretend Not to Like
24 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 315
5 Things That Happen When a Girl Is In Love, Not Just Shut Up or Pretend Not to Like The characteristics of women are different. Like a choice of colors in a paint shop, it varies. One of them has a character who tends to be indifferent in facing the problem of falling in love. From his indifferent nature, he made himself not easily conquered. However, that does not mean he is arrogant and indifferent. He is only selective in feeling matters.

From the outside it may look cool, but it turns out the contents of his heart are quite complicated when faced with love. Not no matter, they can also behave like normal women. Before the guys get upset first with their indifferent attitude, read first, what does the girl feel cool if she falls in love?

1. Love is indeed the number, but that doesn't mean they don't have a heart.

For girls indifferent, rather than the problem of love they are better concerned with other matters that are far more useful. Love affairs have never been bothered, but that doesn't mean they don't have a heart. In fact, even though the exterior looks cool and cool but they have feelings that are more sensitive to others and not people who easily hurt other people's feelings. Like there is a fort that must be destroyed, the cool girl just wants to see the persistence of the guy to approach her.

2. He first convinced his heart, just amazed or indeed love

Before hurrying up with the good attitude and attention of a guy, the cool girl didn't conclude that she was truly in love. Yes, it will be more careful in seeing the movements of the boy to him, because he does not want any misperception with the good man's attitude. Title "PHP victims" is obviously not really him, but if they really feel love, they obviously will not brush it off.

3. When you fall in love, a cool girl is more difficult to express what she feels

After strange feelings begin to be detected and the seeds of love grow, just as girls are indifferent, they may find it difficult and confused how to express their feelings. For the cool, sweet-hearted, spoiled girl is definitely not her. Even though his heart was pounding when he was beside him, but he was smart to hide his nervousness and happiness.

4. Even though it's not obvious, the cool girl will change her appearance a little

When they are in love, they will slowly begin to change their appearance even though they are subtle but will clearly be seen if they are happy. What used to be a simple style, cool girls will look more stylish. Especially when they have started to polish the color on their lips, they just want to look attractive even if it's simple.

5. But when he found the right person, the love he gave would not be playing

Indifferent girls do not easily give their hearts to others, because they are more careful and selective in choosing what the person is like. But if his heart has fallen on the right person, his affection and attention will look more special, which usually looks unconcerned and indifferent then the girl's gentle tenderness is finally seen. There must be happiness in the heart of a guy who has managed to conquer a cool girl.

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