5 Things That Can Not Be Left to Occur When LDRs, If You Don t Want Relationships You Disband
26 September 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 189
5 Things That Can Not Be Left to Occur When LDRs, If You Don t Want Relationships You Disband Establishing a long distance relationship (LDR) or long-distance relationship does need more patience to live it, and efforts to ward off all negative thoughts and prejudices against a partner. After trust is attached, other things also need to be considered even from afar. Like, loyalty and honesty. Missing is often torture, but that is an indication of whether your race is still struggling for it.

For the sake of staying in touch with him, you really have to shield yourself from excessive jealousy or other things that can erode a feeling between you two. Do not want to be outdone by distance, so that everything can go according to your wishes, avoid these 5 things!

1. Don't let the communication become bland, it doesn't need to be important every hour there is always love there

If the communication between you is getting bland, you also have to find out, what is the problem in the matter communication. Maybe the intensity of chatting is too often until nothing else has to be said. Although it seems impossible, because you are not always together and surely there are always different stories.

No need to always give news every hour, the important thing is that your content is quality and at the right time. It's impossible too, chat with you but again lecture or do an activity. At least, take the time to share stories when you're done with each other's affairs.

2. Don't let you not know the environment there, at least know who your close friends are

Getting to know the friendship environment from afar is important for LDR fighters, because then you know who and what kind of close friends are like. There is no harm why you are friends with your lover's close friends on social media. If you already know, it's not worrying yourself.

You also need to recognize friends of the opposite s*x, so you can anticipate when temptations come and something you don't want to happen. The hunch of two people who love each other is often true, so if you really know who the opposite s*x might potentially burn you jealous fire, you should talk about it.

3. Never let the problem drag on. No matter how difficult the communication problem must be resolved right away, so that no third person intervenes.

Escape from a problem with the reason that you want to calm down first may be good, but not for those of you who are undergoing long-distance relationships. Even the problem will become more complicated if you disappear without news for a few days when a problem is happening between you two. Then, come again as if nothing had happened.

This will only complicate the situation and raise many questions about problems that are not yet clear. After all it could be, if suddenly when problems come and are not quickly resolved, then there are other people who enter among you using the situation to win your lover's heart there. It's really horrible right?

4. Don't let boredom surround the heart, about boredom also need to be talked about both from heart to heart . Don't split up instead! Living long distance relationships do need extra patience. The affection that seems like it is easy to fade away only because of the distance that lies before you.

Boredom with longing that only paid off virtually is natural, let's just say you are saving longing for a meeting. Two people who love each other always have a sense to overcome boredom, because the love you have will always lead to finding ways to always grow even if you are as far as you are.

5. Although busy and a lot of activities, but you also should not forget to set aside the quality time of both of you

Don't make your busy life a reason to forget your two quality time times. Moreover, you are at a distance, the quality time of the LDR couple is at best only chatting via video calls. What's the problem, just press the call button, and at least you have three or two times a week to meet your lover in another corner of the city via video calls.

If you have found it via video call, it can be fun all day. Happiness can be as simple as a long-distance fighter who feels.

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