5 The First Causes Are Always Reluctant to Go from Memory. It s just hard to move on until now
22 September 2018 Dewi Suniyah Motivation 240
5 The First Causes Are Always Reluctant to Go from Memory. It s just hard to move on until now

Tips to move on from the former are actually many. But why do many give up first? Many have not succeeded even though they have implemented these tips. He said he wanted to move on from the former, but how come I didn't want to move from where it was located now?

1. 1. Recall Memories

There is already a way to forget about him, but uh, it doesn't seem like there is a moment that suddenly reminds him. More precisely the memories with him. So it's weak again. Mager again. Even though he already knew how to be independent from him, but only halfway he wanted to turn back again. Don't be huh! That's a challenge. If in the middle of the road suddenly remembered with memories of him, just skip it! Ignore it. Don't turn back. Remember, there is something more tempting ahead.

2. 2. Tired

Sometimes when we do something similar and repeatedly, it will make us bored and tired. Maybe that also causes you to fail to move on even though you have tried these tips repeatedly. When those methods have become part of your routine, then there are times when you will feel bored and exhausted to do it again and again. But if you don't do it, then you will be difficult to move to change. So it's all wrong right? Hehehe.

Then what should I do to move on from the former? Yes you have to make variations in your routine. When you already have a lot of references related to tips on moving on from the former, set it up so you don't get bored and run it so you can enjoy it more.

3. 3. Relying on him

"Usually he always keeps a message, now it's not there anymore" "Usually there is a ticket that always picks up, now use it everywhere online motorcycle taxi services "

These complaints will appear by themselves and will unwittingly further alienate your intention to move on from him. You who usually go everywhere with him, now must return to its original state. You who usually get attention from him, now have to take a bitter pill because there will be no more attention from him.

If you like it a little, it will be long move on from him. Even though they have prepared various ways to be free from him as soon as possible. If a little like that, your struggle will be in vain to be able to move on from him who has hurt your feelings.

4. 4. Reluctant to Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Close the memory book with him, and immediately go to the next book to make a happier story. Don't linger in your comfortable zone. Don't waste your time regretting something that has already happened. Breaking up is painful, but don't linger in that zone. Get out and quickly free yourself as well as your heart from your ex. Your time is too valuable if only to keep quiet and weep over him.

5. 5. Close Yourself

Please deh! Breaking love doesn't turn you into a more closed figure. How do you want to be independent from the former if you yourself are reluctant to open yourself and your heart to people? Yes obviously you will stay there and there will be no changes.

There are friends who are sure to leave, you refuse. There are friends who are sure to join in the community, you are unwilling. Yes, how can you be free from your ex if you keep quiet in the room while remembering memories?

If your ex can be independent from you, you should be able to do the same thing even more than that. Especially now that the tips for independence from the former are scattered everywhere. Just take it and do it.

6. 6. Thinking He Is the Best and Perfect

Okay, the best and perfect assumption about him must be thrown away. Remember the saying goes, dead one grows a thousand! You don't need to worry about breaking up from him, meaning he is not the best for you.

If you want independence from him who has made your heart disappointed, you must believe that after there will be someone better than him who is being prepared by God for you. So, you don't need to hesitate, let alone be afraid to forget it immediately. Because God knows what is best for His servants.

7. 7. Still dear and hope for feedback

The reason for this clich may be that many still use it. It's been a pity, the relationship that has been established has also been a long time, but because of principle differences finally disbanded in the middle of the road. Even though both of them still love and love each other.

When the ex can get out of the dark shadows, you are still busy expecting him to come again and be sure you return it. If that's the case, when will you free it? You hope he regrets having dared to end his relationship with you. Then he comes back to you and invites you to fix it from the beginning.

If this is your way of thinking, then the tips you get to be free from him are not at all it works for you. Because you still expect it while he doesn't want you anymore. If this is the case, instead you are the one who becomes predatory. He said he had succeeded in being independent after ending his relationship with him, but how come he still didn't want to start a new happiness?

The former is similar to antiques, just kept it in a memory box and then locks it tightly. Don't let him get out and damage all the memory that you restarted. Freedom from the former is difficult. As long as there is intention and will, then the way to forget it is easier. Tips for moving on from him are also many. Just apply it. All that depends on the individual. There is effort and prayer, then there will be results that speak.

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