5 Success Tips from 3 Under 3 Asian Figures Forbes Magazine. Must Try If You Want To Become An Entrepreneur
28 November 2018 Ngesti Elok Gemilang Success 520
5 Success Tips from 3 Under 3 Asian Figures Forbes Magazine. Must Try If You Want To Become An Entrepreneur Seeing the success of entrepreneurs today makes you want to have a better business like them. Such as the business in the beauty industry run by Merrie Elizabeth as the owner of the BloBar salon, now called QUO STUDIO. His success in introducing Ombre hair trends through his salon brought the name Merrie Elizabeth to become one of the young entrepreneurs who made it into Forbes magazine category 30 Under 30 Asia.

In the Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks event which took place on Tuesday (10/30/2018) at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Merrie told her about her journey to build a beauty salon business. Many things affect Merrie in doing business. Anything huh? Check out the six tips for becoming a young entrepreneur from Merrie Elizabeth below.

1. There is no time to play or date again. You must focus on the goals you want to achieve

Merrie Elizabeth has been used to being serious and focused on doing various things that have brought her success until now. According to Merrie if you want to succeed, then you have to make a determination not to play anymore, even so with the time to date. Merrie is accustomed to using the time he has to really focus so that his dreams are achieved.

2. Success comes from an independent person, must learn and dare nothing on his own. There is no more spoiled nature in

"As an overseas child and alone in Jakarta, I must be independent and not spoiled," - said Merrie Elizabeth, on Tuesday (10/30/2018) in Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks at Tarumanagara University, Jakarta.

Merrie Elizabeth said that she must be accustomed to being independent and not spoiled at all. Moreover, this woman from Malang became a migrant child and lived alone in Jakarta. It is this independence that makes it possible for him to build a salon business and succeed in returning the capital in just nine months.

3. Build relationships with friends and acquaintances. Who knows they have the same vision and mission, and can create a business together

The ambitious nature of Merrie Elizabeth has led her to become one of the successful young business people in the beauty industry. Even so, Merrie realized that his ambitious nature made him not have many friends to play with. Because Merrie has always enjoyed learning and doing a variety of useful activities that support her future.

"Now, which is no longer a graduate, rich or not. But, how unique you are or how valueable you are, "- said Merrie.

And most importantly according to Merrie Elizabeth is not to waste time owned. You must always take advantage of the time available because time is very valuable and limited. Therefore, do things that are useful for you in the future.

In addition to exciting inspirational chatting with Merrie Elizabeth, at Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks there is also a beauty class guided by MUA from Pixy

The Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks program is really exciting because the participants did not just get new knowledge from Merrie Elizabeth, but also tried makeup and learned the right way of grooming. The college students are free to use Pixy's beauty products that are light on the face and produce a naturally beautiful face.

Btw, at Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks, you are also taught how to clean your face after applying makeup. So, beauty is not only about makeup, but also how women maintain facial cleanliness.

Well, at the same event, Pixy also introduced a new product for, namely Pixy Make It Glow. Pixy's latest makeup base offers the final results with the impression of dewy. Not only can it cover imperfections such as zits and blemishes, it provides natural makeup results, Pixy Make It Glow also contains natural ingredients that can moisturize and nourish Asian women's skin. Pixy Make It Glow consists of Primary Beauty Skin, Dewy Cushion, Silky Powdery Cake, and BB to Cream Powder.

Through Pixy Beauty & Inspiring Talks, milenials no longer understand beauty from the physical. But also being beautiful with a charming natural look outside and from inside. Like Merrie Elizabeth who is not only beautiful, but also successfully inspires through the efforts she engages in.

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