5 Simple Things That Can Make Men Get Stunned, You Don t Have to Be Perfect To Love
21 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 354
5 Simple Things That Can Make Men Get Stunned, You Don t Have to Be Perfect To Love Trying to be perfect for someone we love doesn't hurt, while it still makes you comfortable and doesn't make you lose your identity. However, it is always trying to be perfect sometimes tiring and making you increasingly not the real you.

After all, constantly looking perfect will make your loved ones unfamiliar with your shortcomings, you are a human who has many shortcomings and is far from perfection. Simple things that you sincerely do can also emit a positive aura of yourself that makes other people like to be near you and these 5 simple things that can make guys stunned without you having to bother looking perfect

1. Your seriousness in something you like can make yourself look more attractive in his eyes.

When you are passionate about something that means you have a passion, you know what you like, you are always passionate and passionate when you live what you like. That's the sign you know who you are and know what your goals are next.

Your eyes will be full of twinkle when you are busy struggling with your hobbies or your likes. When you like drawing, knitting, writing, making crafts that are of high artistic value or even like makeup. It's okay. The more you explore, the more you look at your position and look inspired by your passionate attitude.

2. Without the need for a lot of makeup, because the important thing is you can maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of yourself.

You don't need to feel inferior when you can't preen properly or don't use makeup often and always appear innocent as you are. Believe me, you will remain beautiful with your natural face. When you appear as they are, people will also like you from what you are.

While you can maintain the tidiness of your clothes and keep yourself clean. No need to feel unattractive, the important thing is to smile because smile is contagious and spreads happiness. It will be nice to see if your face is full of friendliness and smiles.

3. Especially if you can casually be invited to joke, a person who is fun never fails to make a guy stunned

"What singers are asking for solemn prayer?"

"What is it?"

"Give it up?

"Yes, what?"

"Isya nak, isya nak sarasvati"



You can be proud when you have the ability to joke fun, because this is not necessarily owned by many other women. Usually, you who are good at jokes have good self-character and always have lots of friends around.

Even you can calmly face your bad day or the imperfection you have. Your days are always full of fun, and transmit positive energy to the people around you. Who also doesn't want to love people as you like?

4. A girl who is full of gratitude for what she has, also makes you look simple and not grandiose.

You never bothered to deal with and criticize the lives of others, let alone sirk. For you, your life is quite happy with good parents and loving friends. You also have never been complicated about the appearance, you can stay neat and look attractive with a simple appearance.

You also never stingy sharing with others. Without you knowing it, the innerbeauty you have can emerge from that simplicity. Moreover, the guy likes the same thing that is not complicated and simple, it's normal if you deserve to be a choice.

5. Even though you are a person who is sociable, but you know the time and place when when to be "haha-hihi", and when to be serious

Being accommodating is your confidence, you are no longer clumsy when meeting new people. You can easily carry yourself around them. Your character is friendly, makes you not awkward when hanging out with people. Confident girls often steal attention, from your speech style or the way you interact and treat others. But your confident and accommodating attitude does not necessarily make you careless in your attitude, you also know when to be serious and when you can "haha-hihi".

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