5 Reflections for you who are more reluctant to do thesis. How long do you want to be
12 September 2018 Sucy Fujiazma Motivation 350
5 Reflections for you who are more reluctant to do thesis. How long do you want to be Having a new student status in college will certainly make you find many new friends. Having a lot of friends at the beginning of the lecture, you don't seem to feel right away until you get a bachelor's degree.

You can just enter the same year as your friends, but it doesn't guarantee you can graduate at the same time as them. Yes, that's the reality of children's lives. If you are currently in a condition where you just live by your friends and then make you lose your enthusiasm to continue your studies, it seems you have to really understand the following things in order to make you think again so that you will be excited.

1. Your graduation is something your parents are waiting for

Being in a difficult time struggling alone to complete the final project you will definitely feel. What's more when one by one your friends have obtained their bachelor's degrees. There are no more comrades in arms waiting for the supervisor, asking for the progress of the final project, or even just asking for guidance or not today.

Duh, immediately you lose your enthusiasm to go to campus and finish the final project. This is a reasonable condition you feel. How come? You who usually go to campus with your friends, this time you have to feel on campus alone because your friend has passed.

But you have to remember, the more you are not excited about completing your final task, the more graduation you will achieve. Isn't your graduation something your parents are waiting for? Didn't your parents really want you to become a scholar and see you wearing a toga? Actually you only need to adjust in this condition to get used to and get excited again.

2. Everyone will definitely feel difficulties before finally feeling happiness

Completing the final project is not an easy matter. You must feel sleep late at night due to deadlines, must be prepared to be given false hopes by the supervisor, must be willing to have your days occupied with the so-called final project revisions.

The case of completing the final assignment of each person is certainly different. There are those who walk straight and some have to go through up and down first. When the enthusiasm in you starts to decline, you need to convince yourself that behind the difficulties there will be convenience. And you also have to believe that the difficulties you are experiencing right now will be happiness later on.

3. You also have to remember, the longer you graduate your age will also increase

When you instill laziness in yourself to complete the final project, that means you give the opportunity to the time to get your bachelor's degree longer. Don't you remember that the more days of your age are also increasing?

If laziness continues to come upon you, then how long will you be struggling with laziness? You also have to think about your career ahead and want to be what you are later. In fact only you alone can encourage you to be free from laziness.

Others can only encourage and input you. Then you are the one who determines your way of life.

4. Your burdens will increase when your whole quota is no longer abundant.

Too often stalling when completing the final task, without realizing you are already in a precarious semester. Not yet the burden of your final assignment is complete, you are again confused to be able to complete the final assignment in this critical semester.

Because if it's not finished, then you must be ready to drop out by the campus. If you don't want this to happen to you, then you really need to be able to encourage yourself to always be passionate about completing the final task and don't make everything an excuse to buy time which can later make you regret later.

5. When you think about ending your studies, are you sure it's the best choice?

Sometimes when you feel burdened by something, people prefer to take a faster solution that they think is good without thinking about the impact and the path they have gone through. One of them is about stopping or ending the lecture when you only have to finish the final project.

Sometimes this becomes an option when you feel unable to get through every obstacle and obstacle in completing the final project. Doesn't it really feel like when you go to college for many years, the time and costs that have been wasted a lot then you decide to stop at one step which is actually a bachelor's degree in front of you? Try to think about it again.

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