5 Reasons You Need to Love Men Who Can Defend You, Even though Problems Come Changing and Changing
26 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 567
5 Reasons You Need to Love Men Who Can Defend You, Even though Problems Come Changing and Changing Life in a relationship is to love and be loved, his simple presence can make him a consolation figure. The love that you have for him, makes you able to sacrifice and try for him and so does he. Offsetting each other, nothing is bigger and nothing is stronger, you are equally. Even so, unfortunately what he has for you is also not playing games.

Even though the problem comes alternately or even your attitude that often hurts him, he still isn't tired of keeping you and keeps being stubborn to be by your side. Not having no other choice but precisely because you are the destination, he knows where to dock. These 5 reasons are why he who is able to keep you worthy of love

1. Not only indulging in love, he who maintains you is also determined to set his heart for you

It is not a reason to let you go as long as you are happy, it is clearly not in the dictionary. Who also wants to be released by our dear ones? Even though many obstacles stand in your relationship, but the intention to keep you is round and it seems that any obstacle is not a big problem while you want to be invited to fight together.

He also does not only indulge in love, but also provides concrete evidence to continue to be beside you. If the heart is settled, the matter of maintaining is not a difficult matter.

2. For him, it's better for him to change for you and balance you than having to look for another one

He wasn't afraid of losing, he just didn't want to look anymore. Given that someone who is better will always be there and never run out. Everyone always has good and bad sides, so do you. It's just that the good and bad you can balance and make it feel fulfilled.

In fact, he better turn into what you want than he has to look for someone other than you. He will try to adjust things that you feel are not suitable with you rather than having to find a match with others, because what he wants is only you. 3. Aside from being in love, his efforts to defend you are also for the sake of relationships that he will not waste

In addition to his feeling that is already solid, honest and selfless, he also has a clear goal of wanting to bring your relationship in a more serious direction For him, the relationship that has been established must also be maintained so that the love in it can grow more fertile. He won't easily let you go and the relationship he has cared for in such a way ends up in vain.

Although humans can only plan and God is destined, but what is wrong with humans always trying to make everything go according to plan? After all, the effort will not waste results and defend you is a form of effort so that everything can go according to plan.

4. He who tries to maintain, certainly puts you in the top priority

His seriousness to you is no doubt, because he wants you to continue with him. Even you are the main priority. Everything about you is a concern and focus, it is not uncommon for him to ignore himself for thinking too much of you.

His little attention is also solely done to take care of you, like being swiftly moving to your side while crossing the road, driving you home before late at night, and being sensitive to always helping you without you asking when you need help. >

5. Because, great love does not only get but also knows how to maintain

Getting is easier than maintaining, sometimes many people are too satisfied when they get what they want to forget that what they are getting now must also be maintained and maintained as well as possible. He who keeps you and fights for his love for you even though the trials take turns, he really deserves his best.

Getting someone's love can only with words but maintain it, obviously needing struggle. So, don't waste him who still keeps on loving you in all situations and conditions.

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