5 Reasons You Must Understand, That the Argument with Friends Should Not Be Avoided
22 Oktober 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 379
5 Reasons You Must Understand, That the Argument with Friends Should Not Be Avoided His name is also alive, surely it will never escape the name of conflict. Same parents who live at home often differ in opinion, especially with friends? Broking with friends is natural. If you never fight not friend, you name it. Feeling sad, disappointed and awkward is clearly there when you have to face a fight with your own friends.

Especially when you and your friends are only used to happiness, cool relationships, never conflicts, peace, and intimacy. But when a fight breaks out between you two, you must be confused and upset about how to deal with it. the feeling of wanting to repeat the time so that everything never happened does exist, but you still have to face what has happened. Don't get me wrong, it is precisely the quarrel that makes friendship more closely. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Instead of avoiding and breaking up, fighting is a challenge of friendship.

When the problems you face are so large and may be difficult to forgive, maybe some people choose to avoid and break relationships. Not a friend of his name, if just tested with a problem, then choose to avoid and break friendship, even though it is a challenge for you and your best friend.

You are being tested, how much you love your friends and how strong your friendship is. Remember, the storm must have passed. As long as there is effort and prayer to re-unite you. When the problem passes, believe that your relationship is no longer easily shaky as before

2. Precisely your closeness can be measured by how dare you invite him to improve and forget the quarrels that have occurred

A good friend is he who dares to apologize and admit his mistakes, even though admitting mistakes is a difficult thing but if you or your best friend dare admit a mistake you made, you are good enough to dare to act.

Venturing to get along and embrace your friend again really needs to build the guts beforehand to do that, but your closeness is undoubtedly when you dare to invite your good and come back as if nothing has ever happened between you.

3. A fight with a friend indicates that you have been open to expressing disappointment

"You have set the time! If only my girlfriend can continue, we will be invited to gather hard. so busy busy already rich ridwan kamil, turn to upset us. Yes, lo ... "

Maybe you keep feeling bad when you have to express the disappointment that you feel to your friend, but bravely expressing the disappointment that you feel to your friend makes you more open. It's time you also need to express disappointment and listen to each other.

It is better to immediately say that right away, rather than you harboring a feeling of disappointment lingering that can decay and increasingly erode the feeling of friendship itself. Not only are you open, give your friends the opportunity to express what makes them disappointed. Let you spend the adults mature, not just silence and vengeance then just leave.

4. A fight makes your relationship better, because there is still something you need to correct

No need to blame each other, it's wrong to be relative. You should also correct yourself, what have you done so far is correct? Are you enough to be a good friend for him? Think about what happened, after you teased each other on social media and no one started a chat to solve the problem.

Try to be courageous and press your ego first to ask him to talk and solve the problem. You also need to be aware, that the relationships that have been happy too many defects here and there that still need to be fixed. After your problem is resolved and you are warm again, your friendship can be even stronger.

5. Make you more mature in solving problems, when a friend who fills half of your soul can also make a mistake

Don't forget also that your friend is also a human who is full of lack and wrong, he also has a sense of sadness and disappointment. Just because all this time he always gives you happy laughter and pleasant days, doesn't mean he can't be angry and wrong. During this time you are too lulled by his pleasant attitude until you are not ready when you have to face anger or his mistakes.

You don't need to avoid, this is an opportunity to mature yourself because you are challenged to find a way out of the problems that occur between you. True friendship is you who have passed the bitter relationship of friendship but still can always be together without being awkward.

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