5 Reasons You Can t Feel Your Life In vain. Come on, Everybody Is Special
20 Oktober 2018 Ibnu Hadi Kamajaya Motivation 285
5 Reasons You Can t Feel Your Life In vain. Come on, Everybody Is Special If you think you have no chance, you can't try here and there, your soul mate has not yet seen signs of his presence in your life. Relax, everything will come on time!

Every thing that happens in life every human being has been regulated by the Almighty. Indeed, when you see a friend who is more successful than us, feel jealous of him. But sure if everyone is special.

Below are some reasons for you to not down and regret your life, guys! Especially feeling that your life has been in vain. Duh don't let me

1. You are young, have plenty of time to try a lot!

In your 20s, there will still be many opportunities you can do so you look cool. Maybe the time isn't always fast, but believe me everything will come right! Believe everyone has their own life time. Don't match your life with the others, you are a special one!

2. Everything starts from zero. Nothing is instant!

Everything that successful people do doesn't just happen. He certainly experienced a bad twist, which of course we don't see and we also don't know everything. Don't get used to doing everything instantly (other than making instant noodles!). Step by step you will still mean something to you as well as others.

Just enjoy all the processes!

3. There is always someone who wants to be in your position now. So don't waste your life huh

All humans certainly have advantages and disadvantages. When you compare your shortcomings with the achievements of others, on one side you have advantages that not everyone has. There are so many people who want to be in your current position, so appreciate what you can have right now!

4. Still young, there are many activities you can do. Said young people?

If you are outside the house, you will get the name learning by doing, by nature, by society. All of that doesn't exist in school or campus lessons! So whatever you do outside the home and without parental supervision, do it with your responsibility, yeah!

5. Always remember that there are many people who love you

Parents, siblings, other brothers are ready to accept your shortcomings and all your troubles. Even though they are not 24 hours with you, but rest assured they pray for your success. Everything you want will arrive in time.

Come on, don't regret your life even though what you're asking for hasn't been grasped. Even less feel yourself have no power and stunt among all. After all, every human being is special. You just haven't realized it

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