5 Principal Things that Must Have When Vacationing Millennials. Let the streets be more exciting and memorable
30 September 2018 firman.raditya Travel 419
5 Principal Things that Must Have When Vacationing Millennials. Let the streets be more exciting and memorable Current trend of traveling among millennials has become a necessity. Various supporting facilities when traveling are easy to find anywhere. Information that is spread for various facilities and tourist attractions can be accessed from various internet sites.

Judging from the times, the current millennial tourist habits tend to do uniform things. This is seen from the behavior patterns they routinely do when they travel. Various needs that were originally a secondary need, changed to the primary or mandatory needs they had to have. Some examples include:

1. Gadgets

Mandatory objects that they carry when they travel anywhere. Various interesting features owned by each gadget support their needs while traveling. Some applications like Maps and others are definitely required to be available in a tourist gadget. This is so that they can still use the best possible time to find tourist locations when they are at their destination.

In addition, there are also many tourists who only use cellphone cameras to support their documentation. Practical reasons are the main why they prefer to use cameras from cellular phones compared to pocket cameras or digital cameras (DSLRs) to carry.

Another convenience of the gadget they have is that they easily upload their own documentation on social media platforms. There are several facilities that they can use to support their lifestyle that almost all activities are shared with the public such as social media.

2. Internet

To explore any site, internet networks are very necessary for millennial tourists. Some of them use roaming facilities provided by local providers in Indonesia for reasons of convenience. However, this still has many disadvantages such as a very high price. This is sometimes a reason to discourage millennial tourists from using roaming facilities from local providers in Indonesia.

Besides buying a local sim card is also another option that millennial tourists can do when they reach the destination country. A wide selection of local providers of each country is available when it has landed at the airport of the destination country. Prices offered vary. But considering clearly that the price they sell is the price of foreign tourists is not the price of local residents, this makes the price of the sim card is far more expensive than the normal price.

Another alternative option that many tourists don't know is travel wifi rentals to support their internet in the destination country. This facility has been around for the past few years, but there are still not many people using it. Due to the lack of information they receive, about how to rent and use it.

Currently there are super easy facilities provided by various travel wifi rental places, especially overseas as available on the official Wifi Republic website. Wifi Republic is known as the cheapest travel wifi rental place in Indonesia for various countries. Judging from the site, many famous countries that are the main destination for tourists from Indonesia can already be met for this wifi travel facility.

Besides that, modems have been brought by Indonesian tourists since they were still in the country. This is very beneficial for them because they don't have to bother looking for a travel wifi booth in the destination country. when they arrived in the destination country, they only had to activate the modem device and immediately connect it to their cellphone.

3. Social Media

The easy spread of information on millennial activities today when traveling is one of the other needs. Uploading interesting activities through photos or videos has become an obligation for them. Lifestyle that begins to change and openness to any information they can share in social media, makes them tend to use it regularly every day.

The social media applications that are mandatory for millennial tourists nowadays include an instragram. This is because the facilities they have and various attractive features are available in one application. The things that millennial tourists can upload at this time are not only limited to photos or videos, even locations and activities directly "live" can also be shared whenever and wherever they are.

4 Instagram makes traveling more alive

They can also access other Instagram facilities such as "direct message". They can now send pictures or posts from feeds or insta story an account into the direct message. In addition, there are also video call facilities that they can access for more personal communication purposes for them.

5. Millennials are different

It is clear how the differences in the lifestyle of millennial tourists today, which are far more in need of their existence before the public. They now tend to be inseparable from anything called gadgets, internet, and social media even when they are traveling though. Most of them think that what they have and do as they do when traveling must be shared with the public for existence or other personal reasons.

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