5 of these valuable things you can pick from the first love, even though there is no more feeling
05 November 2018 Nadya Zahra Prasetiya Relationship 240
5 of these valuable things you can pick from the first love, even though there is no more feeling First love usually starts when you are a dozen years old, when you are having fun enjoying adolescence. You will taste a variety of new flavors from there, a sense of belonging, a sense of sharing and even a fear of losing. Breaking up from first love might be the most painful, because with her the first time you know love, first start knowing how it feels to be dating. But now it's nothing more than a memory you can't or don't even want to repeat, remembering how stupid the way you love that time. Understandably, the name is also the first, it's like a trial. Please if you want to forget it far but you need to be aware of it from the first love, you can get this valuable lesson

1. Broken heart won't last forever. The proof is that after him, you can still be happy now. Breaking from first love is indeed not easy, it also becomes your first breaking experience. No wonder you lost your direction and don't know how to deal with it for days or so you don't feel appetite. All kinds of hatred fulfill you, until you don't want you to hear his name or see his face in the corner of any earth. But the pain that you feel won't last long. After you start to calm down and accept the fact that you really can't get together again, you finally come back to find your happiness and find a person who makes you forget your first love. That is, no matter how bad your heart is you can still be happy.

2. You grow up to be a more mature person for your next relationship. Maybe after breaking up from first love, you decide to no longer know love and establish relationships again with anyone. But in reality, the time that keeps rolling brings you to know new people who turn out to make you feel that happiness again. From the relationship that has passed, you also learn about what things can make your relationship threatened and eliminate your qualities that can backfires in relationships. Thanks to the first love, you grew up to be a more mature person than before

3. At least, the presence of him to accompany your day and give color to your teenage years. How do you want to be forgiven, if it turns out it's the first love that complements your teenage years. No need to forget, just abandoned. Let everything be a memory, which will feel funny when remembered again. Taste the sloppy romance in adolescence is still suitable, indeed, the time you enjoy the bitter and sweet love that will form a better person for the future because anything that has happened will always carve meaning in your life, depending on how you understand it.

4. Make you more controlled in love so that you no longer forget your family and friends when you're in love The first love that is still passionate and doesn't know common sense makes it so imprinting, the relationship is clearly dominated by obsession just you only those who have not realized because they are blinded by love that is not yet logical. After the first love is over, you know how to love well later and how to control love itself. You also realize how annoying the story is that you forget your friends and family just because you want to be with him. It's not wrong if you call first love wrong love, at least your brain doesn't only record bad memories but also learns from it all.

5. The hope with the first love, makes you realistic and does not force the desire to come true When you are in love with the first love, you must also put a lot of hope to always be with him but it only becomes a wishful thinking when something happens and making your first relationship have run aground, making you taste pain in your heart for the first time too. Close your old story tightly, just absorb the meaning. Even though your first love ran aground, it doesn't mean your love story is over. You learn to forgive when what you want cannot become reality, time will continue to be as true as you are. In fact, not all of the first will be the last.

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