5 Mix and Match Hijab and Chic and Elegant Chic Outfit Can Make a Lecture or Just a Way
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5 Mix and Match Hijab and Chic and Elegant Chic Outfit Can Make a Lecture or Just a Way Who said that with the hijab you can't appear cute and present? If you are smart in choosing the right combination of hijab, clothes, and accessories, it is not impossible that you look fashionable and have a modern look without showing your nakedness. If you have found the right blend of hijab styles guaranteed you will appear confident and beautiful with the outfit you wear. Want to know what a mix of modern Muslim fashion mix and match can make you look fashionable? Let's see the following inspiration for the hijab style!

1. For those of you who like hunting with friends, you can try the tea saritiw style with a blend of green blouse and pastel pashmina hijab and jeans

For you type of woman who likes to look casual, you can really try the hijab style combination above. For his subordinates, you only need to adjust to the boss's clothes you choose. Jeans are a choice of recomended subordinates to be combined with any boss's fashion model.

2. Like to be different and interesting? use a batik blouse and cutbray jeans pants

Casual and fashionable appearance not only can you get from modern up-to-date clothes models. You can also look fashionable with batik clothes. The combination of hijab style above is proof that batik which is one of Indonesia's cultural heritage is no less cool than clothes from abroad.

3. Fashionable and warm with sweaters and scarves

Wearing sweaters with simple pieces, can highlight your active side even though you combine it with a material skirt model. Don't forget to choose the right footwear to get a fashionable and sporty look. You can also play on your tone oufit to get a different appearance.

4. The choice of monochrome color has always succeeded in boosting the appearance of being more stylish

Monochrome color is the most chosen color, because it can display the impression of a different appearance. The hijab style above is really right, you make a hijab style inspiration for ngampus or during a hangout with friends. In order to look more and more use a simple clutch bag to better support your appearance.

5. Look a little relaxed with printed pastel-colored blouses, outfits that are very suitable for using

Give a touch of plain hijab and matching colored wristlet bag accessories with hijab to trap your appearance.

So, what number of hijab styles is your favorite style?

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