5 Mistakes of a Million People Who May Still Apply Each Clean Make-up Time. Remember, you can get doom
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5 Mistakes of a Million People Who May Still Apply Each Clean Make-up Time. Remember, you can get doom Facial skin is the area most exposed to sunlight, pollution and dirt. Not to mention that every day must be covered with make-up, whether thin or thick. Imagine how stressful and vulnerable your facial and neck skin area is every day? The 'hard' face and surrounding areas must withstand the 'temptation' of the world so that the moment of cleaning the face at night is not just an ordinary ritual but a special ritual that can make the skin clean and totally relaxed.

Eits, don't think cleaning your face with face soap is enough to eradicate the remnants of make-up that has been mixed with dust, sweat and sebum on your face. To clean your face, you need extra patience and extra patience so that the skin becomes perfectly clean so that every step of the next treatment will be able to be absorbed completely. Hayo, who still likes to make 5 fatal mistakes that will be reviewed by Hipwee below, try to self-introspect again. Back and forth between blackheads and spotty, not because of skincare or eating patterns but also because of mistakes in cleaning your face!

1. One of the most common mistakes when cleaning make-up is to avoid double cleansing. This is the reason why this is important ...

As reported from the Allure page, faces that have been exposed to pollution all day, dirt particles and remnants of makeup that mix with oil and sebum face cannot easily disappear with ordinary facial soap. The most effective way to remove all dirt to the pore is to use make-up remover products with oil-based ingredients that are able to dissolve all dirt into the pores. For this you can use micellar water for make-up remover, cleansing oil, cleansing balm or cleansing cream. Whatever the product, make sure you lift the dissolved dirt using cotton or face towels. Next, you can clean up the remnants of dirt with facial soap that matches your skin. Rub facial cleanser in a circular motion, soft and slow. Rinse with cold water, dry with a special face or tissue towel gently.

2. Like changing the face cleanser can also be the reason why skin problems feel stuck in the face. Don't think of this trivial thing!

Hayo, is there anyone here who likes to change face cleansers just because they are eaten by friends, discount temptations or the latest trends on Instagram pages? Hehe. You should not do this, because when you have matched one cleaner, just continue using it. Unless one day the skin conditions change and you should look for a more suitable cleaning replacement. The point is, don't be too experimental if you've found your soul mate .

3. The face is a very sensitive layer of skin, especially the mouth and eyes. Hayo, whoever cleanses the face area who still likes rubbing it?

Stop rubbing your face hard when cleaning facial make-up, regardless of the area of the eyes, cheeks or lips. Especially the eye area, do it very slowly and carefully so that this area does not become irritated and the cleaner is more maximal.

4. Using just one or two cotton is not enough to clean all make-up in advance. Don't be too dear or dear, cotton!

Who is here that if you clean your face with cotton, the cotton you use is never more than 1, 2 or 3 pieces? Dear, just imagine how a single swab of cotton in the eye area is dirty. Do you still want to rub it into other parts of the face that are still dirty? Just go back and forth, dirty if that's the way! If you want to be economical, you can get around using a soft face towel that you can wash clean immediately. With a note, the towels must also be kept well cleaned!

5. Choosing coarse cotton can also be a problem, you know. How important is choosing cotton that is good for facial skin? See the reason for this

Did you know, choosing the right cotton is also very crucial in treating the face. Why? Because it turns out not all cotton has a smoothness and density of fiber that is right for our sensitive skin. Coarse cotton, not smooth and many remaining particles can "hurt" your delicate skin, even without you knowing it. Korea seems to have been one step ahead of this cotton face technology because it was launched from Allure, specially formulated Korean cotton has a smoother, softer, yet stronger texture and tends to feel like a sponge that can maximize your skin's cleanness. In addition, face cotton from Korea is generally made of fine cotton that is not bleached and processed with excessive chemistry to minimize the potential for irritation.

Well, already know what your supplies are to clean your face properly and correctly? Remember, any time your face needs to be cleaned especially at night before you sleep. A radiant healthy face does not mean without effort right? Let's be more diligent in cleaning your face

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