5 Legam Black Home Cooking Recipes. Typical of Indonesia, Guaranteed to Attract Taste
21 September 2018 Raisa Angelin Tips 188
5 Legam Black Home Cooking Recipes. Typical of Indonesia, Guaranteed to Attract Taste The home cooking menu is one of the mainstay menus that will never be bored because of the variety of variations that can be explored. Just admit it, there are actually many home-cooked menus that make you miss more than the delicately processed and super-beautiful restaurant menus. The proof is that even though restaurants and cafes are scattered everywhere, simple home-cooked food sold in the telephone shops is still in demand for culinary connoisseurs.

Well, if what some time ago had caught the attention of the citizens was Dian Sastro style black fried rice, this time Hipwee wanted to present 5 favorite home menu recipes with deep black with a tempting taste. For those who like to cook or are trying to experiment at home, the recipes that Hipwee has gathered are really a must try. It's not as difficult as you might imagine

1. Oseng at a glance the black squid will look strange and make you frown when you first see it. But wait until you enjoy this delicious dish, guaranteed addiction!

Source: Cookpad Zuraida Novianti

Main ingredients: 500 g of squid 1/2 tablespoons salt cm of ginger, spread 3 cm of galangal, spread 3 bay leaves 1 red tomato, cut into cubes3 green tomatoes, split 1 tablespoon tamarind water Oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, brown sugar, salt to taste to taste

How to cook: Prepare squid, carefully remove his head so that the ink bag does not break. Clean the stomach. Remove the mouth of the squid that is located at the end of the head by squeezing the head with two fingers. Let the skin Mix the squid with tamarind water. Let stand for 20 minutes, then wash and cut in a circle (the head is not cut) Saute onions and garlic until wilted. Add chili, ginger, galangal, bay leaves, oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, and brown sugar. Enter the squid, stir and cook until the color is pale. Add salt, tomatoes and tamarind water. Cook for a while. Lift and serve

2. Black fried rice might sound awkward. Be careful when uploading it because you might even say it is a citizen, but the rice is burnt! Hehe. In fact, the processed menu of squid black fried rice is really delicious

Source: Vemale

The ingredients you need: 1 plate of rice 3 head of squid and the ink, cut into pieces 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce 1 leaf of bay 1 cm galangal, spread the fried oil to taste

Fine spices: 3 garlic cloves4 onion cloves3 cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp pepper powder to taste

How to cook: Saut the spices, add oyster sauce, bay leaves and galangal, stir-fry for a while until fragrant Enter the squid ink and cuminya. Cook until delicious. Add rice and mix well with seasoning. Stir until the rice is dry or not sticking to one another. Serve fried rice with a sprinkling of onions and fried onions. Easy isn't it?

3. Who doesn't know Rawon? This dish from East Java is already well known throughout Indonesia, even to the world. This black soup menu does have a unique taste that makes it addictive.

Source: Cookpad Hj. Tintin Purnama Sari

The ingredients you need: 1 kg of beef + tether 10 onion cloves, puree 5 cloves of garlic (large), puree 1 onion cloves, medium slices 3 sticks Leek leaves, slice the seeds of the seeds, take the contents, puree Thumbs up ginger, puree Spices, puree 2 segments of turmeric, puree 6 candlenut seeds, puree 3 lemongrass stems, sweeten Galangal, spread 3 bay leaves 5 pieces of citrus leaves 1 sachet of coriander powder 1 tsp cumin powder Sufficient flavoringSufficient sugarSimply saltSoil to saute enough flavor

Complementary ingredients: Duck egg / boiled chicken Short tea Celery leaves Fried red onion Lemon juice / lemon lime Soto sauce Pasta melinjo

How to cook: Prepare herbs and puree. Also break the family, take the contents and puree Wash the meat and paste. Cook half-cooked, lift and drain Stir-fry and spice and spices and other spices until fragrant Insert the cut meat into the seasoning, mix well and add the onion then stir again Add enough broth to allow the seasoning to infuse the meat, allow it to shrink water Enter meat and seasoning in a pot containing broth of boiled meat. Adjust the amount of water to taste, let it boil and the meat is tender / cooked. Add flavorings, salt and sugar. Don't forget to add the leeks, test the taste according to taste and turn off the heat after the meat is cooked perfectly and tender. Serve with complementary ingredients

4. Brongkos is one of the rawon dishes. The taste is sweeter than rawon and the color is younger, more dark brown than black

Source: Cookpad Dapurcantik Lovelychef

Ingredients needed: 250 grams of beef, boil until soft cut into pieces 3 seeds know the skin cut the beans according to taste cut 3 cm50 gr seeds melinjo boiled briefly 50 grams of tolo beans soak and boil until tender

Delicate seasoning: 5 red onion cloves4 garlic cloves4 red chili1 / 2 st pepper1 / 2 tsp coriander1 / 4 tsp cumin3 adequately hazelnut Salt and sugar sugars3 seeds live in hot water1 lemongrass sticks orange leaves

How to cook: Saut all the finely spiced until fragrant then add all the spices to the leaves. Enter pieces of meat, salt and sugar. Add a little cooking water until the meat is infused. Enter the tofu, beans and tolo beans that have been boiled. Cook again until the vegetables are cooked and the spices are infused. Lastly enter the large cayenne pepper. Cook for a while until the chili is slightly cooked. Hidang warm with white rice

5. Finally, black sticky rice porridge is a typical Indonesian dessert that you must try. The sweet and savory taste really makes the porridge worshipers miss

Source: Tastemade

The ingredients you need: 100 gr black sticky rice. Soak overnight 3 pandan leaves 1 lt of water 100 grams of Javanese sugar. Shaved 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tsp salt 1 lt thick coconut milk

How to cook: Prepare black sticky rice that has been soaked overnight. Wash thoroughly Boil black sticky rice with boiling water then give slices of brown sugar and granulated sugarHeat the coconut milk enter the pandan leaves to cook until boiling Serve black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk sauce

Well, the recipe has been distributed, you just have to execute it in the kitchen. Don't forget, after being cooked, share it also with the closest people, so they can also be happy to eat good food. Good luck!

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