5 Inspiration for Modern Kebaya for Conduct. Let You Become Stunning Among Invited Guests
24 September 2018 Bagas Kurnia Prasetyo Style 315
5 Inspiration for Modern Kebaya for Conduct. Let You Become Stunning Among Invited Guests Surely every woman wants her appearance to look stunning on every occasion, especially in the event of a party or event where women are demanded to look elegant and classy. Kebaya is currently chosen as the best solution for women who want to look elegant when they go to party events.

But unfortunately there are still many women who find it difficult to choose what kind of kebaya they are using. Well, if you are one of them, then try to look at some of the inspiration of modern kebaya for the following conditions. Listen carefully, yes!

1. This pink kebaya is very suitable for you who are young at heart

This pink kebaya is perfect for those of you who don't like to look complicated with a long dress that will limit your movement. The combination of pink brocade kebaya with a blend of brown floral motif batik skirts looks simple but does not eliminate the impression of elegance when worn, it is very suitable for teenage girls today who like to look simple and fashionable.

2. Want to try to be different? Cobain new brocade kebaya combination of shiny songket skirt

Appearing beautiful when attending party invitations not only have to wear luxurious and elegant kebaya with intricate models, new flea kebaya is another alternative choice for those of you who want to look stunning but not excessive, mix new flea kebaya with songket skirt models to get a simple appearance but still luxurious. The colors of kebaya and skirt must also be considered so that the kebaya model that you use is fused. Don't forget to use additional accessories such as colored bags similar to kebaya and high heels or wedges to get the maximum beauty aura.

3. You also have to put batik kebaya into the party dress list in your closet.

Kebaya batik is now one of the kebaya models that are very popular among kebaya lovers, the batik kebaya that is combined with the batik skirt above can be chosen as your mainstay when attending the event, you can mix green from kebaya and creamy milk from the hijab. imitate to look beautiful with traditional nuances.

4. Look elegant and elegant, you don't have to wear a dress with a long tail, this combination of kebaya and plain pants can make you look luxurious and elegant without making it complicated

Who said to get a beautiful and luxurious appearance must wear "waw" clothes? You can also look stunning by using simple kebaya, like the kebaya inspiration above where plain kebaya, brocade fabric combination, is combined with plain trousers, the results of which are just as beautiful as when wearing dress shirts.

5. If you are lazy to choose subordinates, this satin brocade kebaya dress can be an option

Indeed, the most uncomfortable part when wearing kebaya is when choosing a subordinate kebaya fabric that will make us have to walk slowly. This slow road style can sometimes relieve self-confidence because it is almost similar to people who have gout.

Well, if you don't want to be complicated about wrapping fabric but still want to look elegant, then it's good for you to choose a brocade kebaya dress with a satin combination, in addition to creating space when walking to be free in satin. >

So, whatever kebaya model you will use later, you shouldn't need to mess around too much. Just select the kebaya model that makes you comfortable when wearing it because comfort is a factor that will add confidence so that it makes your appearance more beautiful when attending any event. Hopefully useful, yeah!

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