5 Hacks Are Very Useful for Introverts When Entering the World of Work. Let s practice
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5 Hacks Are Very Useful for Introverts When Entering the World of Work. Let s practice Introverted personality is often misinterpreted as shy or anti-social. As we all know, the world of work is sometimes discriminatory against employees who are introverted. This can be seen from most employees who are sociable and charismatic, more often promoted to become leaders. Huh?

For you who are introverted, don't worry. Being an introvert doesn't mean you have to be inferior in the world of work. Instead of thinking about your weaknesses, why don't you try to focus on honing your skills?

Quoting Huffingtonpost, a Career Expert, Vicki Salemi shared tips on how to survive in the world of work for an introvert. Hope you can practice it!

1. Choose a job that suits your expertise

There is no work in this world specifically created for introverts or extroverts. Get to know yourself, and work according to your skills.

List the strengths and weaknesses you have. Then compare it with your duties and responsibilities in the office and make sure everything is related, huh. If not, you can try talking with your boss to move it in another section that suits your expertise.

2. Highlight yourself when meeting

Many introverts are more comfortable communicating in writing than verbal. Being in a meeting room full of extroverts who argue ideas or ideas and of course that is a challenge for an introvert.

Well, this is the time for you to use your power as an introvert, a good listener. Many people just want to be heard when they speak, without needing to make any contribution. As an introvert, hearing, recording and solving problems inside the head is his strength. By taking all the information presented during a meeting, you can conclude and then offer a solution when the meeting ends.

3. Schedule 1-3 hours of work without interruption

Most office spaces are currently designed with the concept of open space. People passing by, friends who come to chat or other things that are certainly not comfortable for an introvert at work. Even though you have a lot of tasks to do. Well, so you can concentrate, take 1-3 hours and find a quiet room in your office and work there for tasks that are really urgent. That way you can become more focused at work and your task can be done quickly.

4. Try to get to know your coworkers

Establishing good relationships with friends in the office is very important. They will later hear your complaints and ideas. Unfortunately, an introvert already gets a stamp not friendly to people and prefers to work alone. You don't need a close Sok (SKSD) with everyone in your office. Better, invite them personally for coffee and lunch. That way you can get closer to them.

5. Get out of the comfort zone

An introvert tends to avoid being the center of attention and speaking in public. But believe me, this will hurt you. If you want to advance in your career, you have to face it. Convey your ideas and ideas in the presentation, with so long you will not be awkward anymore to speak in public.

If you are too scared to start, you can practice first talking in front of the glass. Or if you want more intention, you can take a class in public speaking to facilitate your speaking.

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