5 Good Things You Can Pick from the Relationship between Anisa Rahma and Anandito. Sweetness
29 September 2018 Iradat Ungkai Relationship 196
5 Good Things You Can Pick from the Relationship between Anisa Rahma and Anandito. Sweetness The happy news came from former girlband Cherrybelle, Anisa Rahma, who just married Anandito Dwi Sepdiawan last September 16 2018. Unlike celebrities in general, they don't take long before deciding to get married. Yes, after meeting, then briefly, until finally married.

In the world of entertainment, this country is unique, sweet and inspiring. Anisa Rahma who decided to emigrate then found her mate. Not long from their meeting, Anisa was proposed by her husband and is now happy to build a shared household ark. Their relationship seems to be worthy of being an example. And this time Hipwee will invite you to examine what things can be learned from their sweet relationship.

1. Clich , but their relationship shows that falling in love at first sight is in fact and still there

As you already know, before applying for Anandito, you don't know Anisa directly, just know she's a celebrity. But one day, at an event Anindito met directly with Anisa and met. Who would have thought that the introduction produced love in the chest. After doing a few months, Anandito finally ventured to apply for Anisa and was accepted. Finally they got married. This is proof that love at first sight is true.

2. Not only girls, but when given the opportunity to get closer, guys can also be excited and misbehaving

Through the upload caption on Instagram, it was seen how awkward Anandito met a woman who eventually became his wife. This proves that guys with girls experience the same thing when they meet their heart. Heart palpitations, anxious hearts, and other clumsy gestures become humorous love spells but are always ringing in the head. Wow, Anandito's experience was so funny to meet Anisa, maybe that experience will be told to their children later. He Hehe

3. Believe that guys are also ordinary people who can act tacky and funny even though they only see the photo of him

From uploading the photos you also know that in fact guys are also ordinary people. Although it tends to be ignorant and stiff when compared to girls, but in fact cwowok can act a little tacky and funny like what Anandito did.

After first meeting with Anisa and chatting after the seminar, she acted happily as someone who was more in love. After that he looked for his idol again to take pictures but did not find it, rather than without the end result he decided to take a picture with Anisa's picture in the banner of the event. There are only people who are more happy.

4. Even though there was an obstacle, if the universe partner would provide a way. Like two people put together by this song

Not as usual, their relationship tends to be special because without going through the courtship process. Yep, both of them decided to ta'aruf before finally deciding to get married. Talking about getting married without going out is certainly not easy, this is what they might feel - especially Anisa, because there are many things that need to be considered carefully by the guy he just met.

For Anandito, of course the hardest part was how to convince Anisa that she was the right figure of the priest, convincing her family-in-law that she had the seriousness of marrying her child even though she had just met. But from all the trials that exist, they are proven to pass it. It's not where match is, it's like a song.

5. But only real men dare to take this step: ask for permission from their parents to take responsibility and marry

Anandito's figure can be used as evidence that a real guy is proven to still be there. He dared to dare to ask permission from Anisa's parents to marry his son even though he only knew him. Just imagine, not long ago you know? There must be a lot of doubts from Anisa's parents, but finally she could succeed. Anandito proved that this should be a guy, not many promises but immediately dared to meet parents said they were ready to marry.

It's five things that can be learned from Anisa Rahma's love story with Anandito. Hopefully some of the reviews above are useful for all of you in navigating each other's journey of love. May you have a good fortune like both, may you meet your soul mate soon. Aamiin.

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