5 Funny Things That Men Do Sometimes Before Their Girls Grab All Over
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5 Funny Things That Men Do Sometimes Before Their Girls Grab All Over For a guy, fighting with a girl would be difficult if he didn't give in or he tried to be patient when he was blamed. Girls really use feelings rather than logic, it's not unusual when girls want to be always understood.

Especially when the girl has begun to sulk and be silent for a thousand languages, it feels like the war drums are beginning. Even though the guy himself has often faced his boyfriend who is cranky, but still, if there is a sulk, then he will always be confused about how to deal with his girl. For the sake of avoiding the umpteenth time, this is 5 funny things that boys will do to their girls.

1. If the girl has replied to the chat briefly, the guy will immediately remember what the mistake is. Even though he is not necessarily wrong

What time are you coming home? "Or" I picked it up? "Gausah"

Maybe the guy will still think positively when the message is replied to no more than three words or if when he is face to face the girl only answers a little and is more silent, but if in a few hours the atmosphere still feels heated like that it feels clear it can't be left before the girl prolonged and increasingly difficult to control

"I'm sorry, if I am wrong, after all you were really jutek"

* diem *

"I'm sorry ..."

"Sorry, you are rich in Eid, do you know what the error is?"

"I don't know, but it's important that I apologize first"

Actually, guys also don't understand what they are wrong, apologize first, it's better than asking the girl why. Guys are sometimes unconscious, that small things they consider normal, even though they can make a girl crank.

2. Thinking hard about finding answers, what should be done when the girl usdah says "it's up", so it's not a mistake

"What do you want to eat"


A word up from a girl can often make a guy hot cold, a little misstep can make a girl's mood drop dramatically. What makes you confused is when the word is up, but not necessarily the girl agrees with the choice of the guy.

A word is up, it is ambiguous and can contain many meanings. I don't know because the guy likes him, if the guy can understand or not what the girl wants. I don't know because I don't have a choice, either because I'm secretly sulking. It's normal for a guy to start thinking hard so that he doesn't step in wrong if the girl says "it's up".

3. Even though the girl said "it's okay" but this is a danger sign and guys won't believe it right away

"What is wrong with you? How come the linen name is just a dot? "

"It's okay"

"Is that okay?"

"It's okay"

If the words 'gapapa' have come out of the mouth of a girl, surely a guy will not immediately believe and must ask twice more to make sure the girl really feels like she said, or indeed there is something that must be guessed when the girl says 'I am okay'. Because these words might be a sign that there will be war after this.

4. Trying to remember your important days and preparing something impressive, before the girl is sulking because she forgets or looks like she doesn't care

Most of the girls are more concerned about important dates, such as your second date and your birthday. Girls also won't feel the hassles of preparing something special on those dates and guys will also do the same before the girl cranks up because you feel you are ignorant and don't care.

5. Stay as a loyal listener, when the girl is angry because of her own problem, even though the real guy doesn't understand anything

"I am really good with my group friends when I did the presentation!"

"Yeah ..."

"I have a lot of activities too, but I can have the bulletin work!"

"Yeah ..."

"Yeah, you don't, yeah, yeah, bro! I'm all right. !!!

So that the girl's mood doesn't get messier when faced with a problem and finally make the girl angry herself, the guy is still a loyal listener even though it's only yes and yes and even though the guy doesn't understand what the girl is talking about but at least that's one form of business guys to be beside him when the girl is frantic. Although complicated, but for guys the complexity that is in the girl is a challenge. Luckily again, guys really like challenges!

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