5 Current Professions Can Be The Future of Gamers. Billions in revenue
25 September 2018 Meily Rohmatun Success 308
5 Current Professions Can Be The Future of Gamers. Billions in revenue Most people assume that playing the game is a waste of time and money. Not to mention if you put aside work or other activities just because you are busy playing games. Even if you want to persevere, playing games can be an income field that promises you! Especially in an era that is all digital as it is today, it is not impossible if the game becomes a good prospect for the future.

Well, if you are one of those who likes to play, don't waste your potential. Try to consider some of the professions for this gamer that might be your future!

1. For those of you who like to compete, become professional gamers to join the tournament. If it's a champion, the prize is pretty good!

Especially for those of you who like competition games and have high gaming skills, start to participate in tournaments at both local and international levels. So professional gamers do need high dedication and willingness. Exercise and hard work are aspects of support that you cannot pass. The prize? Don't ask. The winner will bring home a pretty large amount of dollars! Yes, of course it is shared with teammates and their managers.

2. Not just playing games, to become a game tester, you have to find the strengths and weaknesses of the game that is played up to the bugs and glitches.

Making a video game is something that is not easy for you. It takes months to make mobile games that are worth playing and selling. Well, before releasing on the market to be played by many people, it takes a game tester to test the game that will be released, whether it is feasible or not. It must be careful and critical, but the advantage of being a game tester is that you can know first about the game that will be released. It may be that your name will also be displayed on the ending credit of the game you are testing. Cool, right?

3. If you are creative enough and want to make a game with its own style and characteristics, being a game developer is the right choice

This work is arguably one of the dreams of gamers around the world. Not just just playing games, in the end gamers also want to be able to make their own games. To be a game developer or game maker it's complicated. Even though you will have a team that will work on their respective fields, you want it or not you have to spend at least 2 or 3 years studying in a particular field. So it really takes perseverance to be able to create games that sell well on the market.

But, if you succeed, the income you get is also not small in number, it can become famous and has its own prestige.

4. Gamers can make money by becoming athletes of e-sports (electronic sports) that are more organized and can also train you!

E-sports is a kind of sport that uses games as a major competitive field. E-sport athletes will play games that have become their field. You will be given training and pursue certain games so that you can win the tournament with tempting prizes.

Instead of competing physically, e-sport athletes are more concerned with match strategies via computers with other gamers online without face to face. Call it the MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is one of the game genres in e-sport that is now recognized by the Indonesian government.

5. So youtube gamers or streamers need high popularity to be able to attract viewers and earn billions of dollars

If you know the Pewdiepie Youtube account, he is one example of a youtube gamer or streamer that is fairly successful. His income reached 4 billion rupiah a month, even up to 100 billion rupiah a year in 2014.

A streamer is a person who is paid to watch when playing games, especially popular and latest games, then recorded. From there he can entertain people, rather than making jokes, making walkthroughs, or other things. The challenge, to become a billionaire income streamer, you have to be really popular.

Is it proven that being a gamer can't be underestimated? The lesson is, if you want to get a lot of money easily, like something, then find a way to make money from it. Including from playing games. But remember, don't let your game play activities override other more important activities, huh!

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