5 Collection of Surefire Formulas for Preparing a Wedding, from How to Determine the Number of Catering Up to Guest Invitations
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5 Collection of Surefire Formulas for Preparing a Wedding, from How to Determine the Number of Catering Up to Guest Invitations For the majority of people, preparing marriage is not trivial. Wedding parties will involve a lot of people, not just the family of two prospective brides, but also friends, neighbors, colleagues from parents, and many more. Not to mention vendor affairs that can take up time, mind and energy more than thought. Sometimes even though I have decided to use Wedding Organizer (WO) services, problems or obstacles in the middle of the road still appear.

Well, the thing that often becomes a problem for the bride and groom when preparing for a wedding is counting something that requires numbers, such as the number of invited guests, catering, souvenirs, or maybe how many invitations to print. These things certainly cannot be as long as they are determined, the exact formula is needed so that later the number is not lacking but also not too much excess. So what are the important formulas that the bride and groom need to apply for a marriage that is not over-budgeted?

1. The first thing that needs proper calculation is the number of caterers. This is because catering occupies 30-40 percent of the total marriage budget

For many people, determining the number of wedding catering is not as easy as turning your palm. On the one hand they don't want guests to lack food, but on the other hand they are also reluctant if they have to leave too much food. Moreover, the largest budget allocation is in catering. Therefore, we need a special formula to determine the number of these caterers so that the excess is also not very much. Then how do you do it? Suppose there are 500 invitations. To order catering, multiply 2, because the assumption is that 1 invitation will be attended by 2 people, so the result is 1,000 people. Take into account the absence factor by reducing 10% of the number of invited guests. For example 1,000 people, minus 10% to 900 people. That's the portion of ideal catering that you need to order. Consider also the distribution of buffet and stall / hut menus. Modern marriage almost always requires a varied menu. For the percentage, use the formula 60:40, 60% for buffets, 40% for huts. If the amount is 900 pax, the buffet menu that must be ordered is 60% x 900 = 540 pax. While the hut is 40% x 900 = 360 pax. Usually 1 person doesn't just stop at 1 hut. Assume 1 person will take the menu in 3 stalls (with a shadow there will be 5 stalls), then you need to count 360 x 3 = 1,080 servings. Then it is only divided into the desired number of stalls. For example 5 huts means 1,080: 5 = 216 portions / huts.

2. Marriage can't be possible without guests. But calculating the number of guests correctly also requires your carefulness especially with a limited wedding budget

Determining the number of guests is another important factor. Especially if the wedding budget is limited, it is impossible? Will all acquaintances be invited? Well, apparently there is a formula that can be used. Make a list of all the names of invited guests and group them by category; family, friends, co-workers, other social groups, and so on. Make a priority-based category and give initials to make it easier; Invited (D), Possible Invitations (KD), and Possibility of Not Invited (KTD). How to group guests into these 3 categories? You can make more categories, for example: People you know and always communicate intensely. Enter their name in category (D) People you know but have not communicated for more than a year. Enter in category (KD) People you don't know (parents, family or friends). Enter in category (KTD)

To really determine who is the list of invited guests, consider other factors such as the budget and capacity of the building.

3. Another important formula is determining the amount of souvenirs. You must want to have all the guests get a wedding gift?

Determining the number of souvenirs can be a complicated PR. This is because most people want all their guests to get souvenirs. In fact, if it's already D-day, sometimes one person can ask for more than one souvenir. What is clear, do not order souvenirs with the same amount of invitations. You must exceed it. But how to determine the advantages so that they don't become too much and even become wasteful? If you apply the souvenir exchange card system, order a souvenir of 10% more than the number of invitations. For example, if there are 500 invitations like that, souvenirs that need to be ordered are about 550 pieces. But if you don't distribute souvenir exchange cards, order 20% more, be 600 pieces. This is done to anticipate those who ask for souvenirs according to the number of people who come in more than 1.

4. Although the era is already a digital era, printing invitations also still needs to be done. Determining how many invitations to print will also need a special trick

Another PR that needs to be considered is to determine the print invitation. Especially now that many people have chosen digital invitations. Actually if you already have a list of invited guests (including family, friends, co-workers, parent friends, etc.), you can plot anyone who needs a print invitation, and who is enough with a digital invitation. Print invitations are usually more for older people (including parents), and digital invitations for younger people. But consider also the domicile of the person you will invite. If it's too far to send a print invitation, it's better to just give the digital version.

5. Uniforms often become mandatory items at every wedding. Determining how much fabric must be shared also requires more effort.

Uniforms are an important component in every modern wedding. Both family and friends will usually ask for a uniform to look compact when photographed. Even though they might not be able to make sure they can attend or not. First, you need to make sure one by one if they can come. If indeed from the beginning more people were not sure, it would be better to eliminate him from the list of people who would receive uniforms. On the other hand, if he says he can or is likely to be able to, put him on the list. Also adjust your budget. If it's limited, no need for everyone to get a cloth like that

That is a series of important formulas in preparing for marriage. What? Where do you prepare for?

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